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May 14, 2000

Books recommended for young readers by Ilene Abramson, senior librarian for the children's literature department, Los Angeles Public Library:

Mother's Day--For that wonderful person who devotes her life to her children, here are books that say "I love you!"

Preschool: "A Mother for Choco," by Keiko Kasza

A baby bird learns that loving mothers need not be biological parents.


Kindergarten: "More!" by Emma Chichester Clark

A little boy discovers that there is a limit to just about everything, except the hugs and kisses Mommy brings.


First through third grades: "Mama Loves," by Molly Goode, illustrated by Lisa McCue

Children can practice their reading skills while enjoying this reassuring story of mother love.


Fourth grade: "Angel to Angel: A Mother's Gift of Love," by Walter Dean Myers

Don't miss these elegant photographs of African American mothers and their children, interspersed with poems of love.


Fifth grade: "Freaky Friday," by Mary Rodgers

Hilarious account of a precocious child who wakes up one morning to find herself trapped in her mother's body.


Sixth through eighth grades: "F is for Fabuloso," by Marie G. Lee

Although she faces her own adjustment issues, a Korean immigrant encourages her mother to learn English.


Some of the books to be read on KCET's "Storytime," weekdays at 12:30 p.m.

* "The Whale's Song," by Dyan Sheldon

Lily is told by her grandmother that if she takes a present to the whales, they will sing her a song. Themes: family, imagination, nature.


* "Sheila Rae, the Brave," by Kevin Henkes

One day, Sheila Rae takes a new way home. She realizes that she is lost and gets help from her sister, Louise. Themes: family, feelings and courage.


* "Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore!" by David McPhail

A man is reading in bed when he discovers pigs in his room eating pizza. When the man gets the bill, he threatens to kick the pigs out. Themes: rhyme and fantasy.


Selected visits at Los Angeles Public Library branches

* Tuesday: Tim Egan, author and illustrator of "Distant Feathers" and "Metropolitan Cow"; 4 p.m.; Porter Ranch Branch Library, 23600 Victory Blvd.

* Wednesday: Karen Winnick, author and illustrator of "Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers"; 4 p.m., Durant Branch Library, 1403 N. Gardner St.

* Thursday: Wendelin Van Draanen, author of "How I Survived Being a Girl"; 3:15 p.m., Robertson Branch Library, 1719 South Robertson Blvd.

* Thursday: Evelyn Gallardo, author of "Among the Orangutans: the Birute Galdikas Story"; 3:30 p.m., El Sereno Branch Library, 4990 Huntington Dr.

* Friday: Dolores Johnson, author and illustrator of "My Mom Is My Show"; 4 p.m., Arroyo Seco Branch Library, 6145 N. Figueroa St.

* Saturday: Caroline Arnold, author of "Children of the Settlement Houses"; 2 p.m., Mid-Valley Branch Library, 16244 Nordhoff St.

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