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A Spiritual Pat on Back for Job Well Done


Dear Cynthia: My dream begins with a friend telling me that she saw a regal and angelic woman, whom she had also seen before, but this time the woman looked younger instead of older, as she would expect.

Next I am going home, and when I get there I see my dog. (I don't actually have one.) He is a big black shepherd or lab. There are five or six dogs there too all resting and similar in appearance.

I am not afraid, in fact, I feel comforted and protected by their presence. I go into my house and am told that a woman has returned two of my books. She said that when she opened the books, sparks flew out and that indicates that the owner of the books is either famous or will be famous. I realize that the woman returning my books is the same one my friend told me about--the regal, angelic woman.

I awake with a great feeling about my life. I have gone through some very challenging things in the last five years, and I am just coming out of a slump. My dream reinforced that I am on a positive trend now. One last thing, I assume that the dogs represent my dark side because they are black. What do you think?



Dear Reader: My view is that the regal, angelic woman represents an archetype I call the Wise Woman. She is depicted as an angel or sage and leaves the dreamer with a sense that something powerful and important has been communicated. She often delivers a spiritual or magical message. Dogs are often symbolic of our dear friends since they are commonly called man's best friend. They also represent the masculine energy and attributes such as protection. Books are knowledge, learning and wisdom. So it would seem that you have befriended yourself, that you feel safe and protected now and that some of the chapters of your life have been returned to you with magic in them. You have mastered an understanding of the dark side and have used the past troubles as powerful life lessons.

Your dream is a pat on the back from your spirit and subconscious mind. Job well done, and the future looks promising.


Cynthia Richmond is the author of "Dream Power: How to Use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life" (Simon & Schuster, 2000). Fax your dreams to Cynthia Richmond at (818) 783-3267, or e-mail them to Please include your hometown and a daytime phone number. In Your Dreams appears every Tuesday and should be read for entertainment purposes only.

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