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May 16, 2000

Should athletes be required to participate in summer practice programs in order to make their high school teams?


Capistrano Valley, Baseball

It's important to participate because it's a team thing. It builds team unity when you're together in the summer time. The only way you can get better is to play more. People who don't [want to participate] don't really have the dedication to be involved in the sport, so they probably shouldn't be.



Huntington Beach, Softball

It's not necessary to because a lot of time travel ball or other sports are going on over the summer. If you have to be with your high school team, it takes time out of other activities you could be doing. Personally, I don't like to play softball year-round; I'd rather be doing other things, like work, play other sports and visit friends.



Santa Margarita, Softball

Athletes should participate in summer programs to make the team because it gives them a look at what they're going to be experiencing, and also allows them to see if they really want to pursue that sport, if they really enjoy their teammates. It's important because it shows a commitment to the sport and that you really want to be a part of it. It shows your coach you're a dedicated person, and you'll be there throughout the year.



Soccer Referee

Not in soccer. They are much better off playing club soccer. In any other sport it should not be required, just recommended. Obviously, from a timing standpoint, fall sports have a stronger need for summer programs for conditioning and tactical training.



Brethern Christian, Basketball Coach

Student-athletes should not be required to attend summer events in order to make the team. But I do feel that these athletes should know that those who are working over the summer have an advantage over them not only physically, but also mentally when it comes time for tryouts during the regular season.



Santa Margarita, Golf

High school athletes should be required to participate in summer practices to play. If you are willing to give a sport your all and be dedicated, a few summer practice sessions is a piece of what you are committing yourself to. Any athlete that is playing for the right reasons and is putting 100% effort into it should understand that there are certain requirements, whether it be after-school practices, team meetings, a certain grade-point average, or summer practices. Just because the sessions are in the summer doesn't mean sports are all on break. It should be a time to fine tune your game and focus on your individual talent whether it be with or without teammates. Sometimes it helps to get out on your own and focus on your strengths and overcome weak parts of your game. If you are willing to take time out of your break to benefit your game and team, it tells the coaches a lot about not only skill but also dedication.


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