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May 16, 2000|LARRY STEWART

What: Jax baseball sunglasses

Price: $59.99, $69.99

Here's an eye-catching idea--sunglasses with your favorite team's baseball logo on the lenses. The logo can been seen from the outside but the view from inside is unobstructed. Jax Inc. of Hawthorne, founded in 1998, patented the technology that makes this possible.

A number of managers, including the Dodgers' Davey Johnson, have agreed to wear the glasses. The company plans to sign some players as well.

As sunglasses go, when you're wearing them, they don't seem much different from others. The logo is what sets them apart, enabling wearers to let others know what team they support.

That privilege comes with a hefty price, though. Sunglasses with a regular frame cost $59.99. Wire-framed glasses go for $69.99.

The makers claim that the glasses can withstand the impact of a .22-caliber bullet.

The company is planning a line of NFL sunglasses this fall, as well as a line with major college logos. The baseball glasses are available at sporting goods stores and stadium stores, or through or by calling 1-877-JAX-WEAR.

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