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$1 Million Added for Hansen Dam Facilities


More than $1 million to build soccer fields and a multipurpose building at Hansen Dam has been added to the budget of Gov. Gray Davis, Assemblyman Tony Cardenas said Tuesday.

"There aren't many places where children can go to," Cardenas (D-Sylmar) said of his northeast Valley constituents.

"I was raised in Pacoima, and I know what it's like not having places, parks or arts centers to visit."

The governor's budget includes $322,000 to develop a 17-acre soccer complex, which includes six soccer fields, three of them with lighting.

Also included is $700,000 to develop a multipurpose building. The revisions were made Monday.

"The federal government owns the land and the state would develop it and turn it into soccer fields, but the city of Los Angeles would still manage the parks," he said. "That's the current idea."

If approved by the Legislature, money for the projects would become available July 1, 2001.

Some area residents said adding more parks is long overdue.

"The parks that we have are really small. I'm sure that children will get less in trouble if they have a place to go play soccer, instead of being on the streets," said Norma Castillo of Sylmar.

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