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What: Catch-It Cap

Price: $19.95, available at

If you have ever wondered what is the dumbest device ever invented, wonder no more. We have a winner.

The Catch-It Cap is a combination cap and glove. The idea is that you will wear this cap to a baseball game, and when a foul ball comes your way, you will remove the cap, convert it into a glove and make a dazzling catch to impress your friends. But the Catch-It Cap has one thing working against it.

OK, let's say for a moment you decide to wear the cap to a game. You are sitting there, waiting desperately for a foul ball so you can try out this nifty device. Shawn Green is at the plate and he hits one in your direction. While everyone else in your area leaps to their feet to grab the ball, here's what you get to do: Remove the cap, find the very small and hard-to-find opening for your hand, turn the cap inside out, stand up, find the ball in the air and catch it. Unfortunately, by the time you do all this, you are unconscious because the ball you wanted to grab hit you in the head while you were changing your cap into a glove.

However, this is where the cap really comes in handy. While you are prone on the ground, bleeding from where the ball hit you, a neighboring fan can put his hand in the glove opening and hold the cap against your head to stop the flow of blood until paramedics arrive.

So here's some friendly advice. Next time you want to try to catch a foul ball at a game, wear a real cap, and bring a real glove.

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