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City Puts Halt to Stop Sign Problem

May 19, 2000|KATRINA DEAN

Moorpark school bus drivers can now come to a stop while heading southbound on Gabbert Road at Poindexter Avenue without fear of getting hit by a train.

The southbound stop sign, which until Wednesday had school buses stopping with a quarter of the vehicle's tail end hanging over railroad tracks, was moved after complaints from school district officials.

"Our buses were forced to pull out into the intersection so their back ends wouldn't be in danger," said Jane Lavalle, transportation supervisor for the district.

City workers moved the stop sign forward nine feet and repainted the stop line to make room for the school district's buses, which make trips down Gabbert Road every day.

"It's really nice," Lavalle said. "They gave us 55 feet, which is ample room." The average length of a school bus is 40 feet, she said.

When city officials were alerted about the problem last week, they moved quickly to see what could be done, Public Works Director Ken Gilbert said. School district and city leaders were pleased the problem was fixed so quickly.

"I know they looked at it carefully and took quick action," school board member David Pollock said. "It's an indication of the improved working relationship between the school district and the city."

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