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Surfing for Storage


The Web is a valuable resource for kitchen storage information. These sites are particularly helpful. Some offer products for sale, others are more information-oriented:

* Primarily a referral service for anyone looking for a kitchen designer, you'll unearth lots of useful information and creative ideas by following the links to the individual designers' home pages.

* This well-designed site lives up to its claim of being the largest selection of storage and organizational products on the Web. It can be searched by location (kitchen, bath) to target the areas of the home that most need help.

* This attractive site is produced by the organization that sponsors a major trade show, but you don't have to be an industry pro to reap its benefits. The basics and beyond of kitchen design and storage are presented in plain, often humorous language.

* Look under "Building Tips" for diagrams and dimensions for a number of simple kitchen-oriented do-it-yourself storage projects.

* A vast array of specialty hardware components make this a worthwhile visit. Order a free 650-page product catalog on the site.

* Operated by the National Kitchen & Bath Assn., this is one of the most comprehensive sites on the topic. It's divided into two parts: one for NKBA members, one for consumers. Learn about the fundamentals and the fine points of kitchen remodeling, get free advice from experts in an accessible Q&A format and link to related sites in the United States and Canada.

* From the folks who bring you the hideaway ironing board, here are a few other unusual dedicated storage items, including a wall cabinet just for your toaster.

* Lazy Susans of every shape, size and material and wire shelving to fit any cabinet configuration--this is the mother lode if you need to straighten up your stuff. Visit the "Solutions Center" for suggestions tailored to fit your kitchen.

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