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Prostate Disease and Intimacy

THE LOVIN' AIN'T OVER The Couple's Guide to Better Sex After Prostate Disease; By Ralph and Barbara Alterowitz; Health Education Literary Publisher, 139 pages, $14.95

HEALING MOVES How to Cure, Relieve and Prevent Common Ailments With Exercise;By Carol Krucoff and Dr. Mitchell Krucoff; Harmony Books, 319 pages, $24

May 22, 2000|SHARI ROAN

After the stress and energy of dealing with prostate disease, many men and their partners have to face yet another ordeal: sexual dysfunction.

But, according to the authors of this book, couples often don't address such problems. They either minimize the importance of resuming a satisfactory sex life or are too embarrassed to seek medical help.

"The Lovin' Ain't Over" is a nonthreatening first step to coping with sexual dysfunction after prostate disease (50% to 90% of men experience some degree of sexual dysfunction after surgery). Ralph Alterowitz is the former director of the National Prostate Cancer Coalition. He and his wife, Barbara, have made the issue of post-prostate-disease sexual health their mission, in part because medical professionals have given so little attention to the subject.

In this book, couples will find their most common questions and concerns addressed in compassionate and straightforward terms. The book details various therapies that can resolve some problems and gives advice on what to ask the doctor. It is targeted to both prostate patients and their sexual partners, and partners will gain an important understanding of the problems men face post-surgery and how to best remain supportive.

Through their encouraging style, the authors help dispel the notion that treatment for prostate disease must always result in permanent changes in lifestyle.


Everyone knows that exercise is vital to lifelong good health. People with chronic illnesses, however, may believe that they are too ill to exercise or that working out can't help them.

In this book, health writer Carol Krucoff and her cardiologist husband, Mitchell Krucoff, show how physical activity can be a healing force. Using both Western and Eastern exercise philosophies, the Krucoffs explain how activity can prevent or relieve symptoms of disease.

In each of nine chapters, they address a specific body system or characteristic--such as metabolic, orthopedic and mental health disorders--and explain how disease affects that system. For each condition, whether it is depression or premenstrual syndrome or diabetes, they explain how to design an appropriate exercise program, offering a menu of options to suit personal likes and dislikes. The descriptions of how to perform various exercises are easy to understand and follow. And the Krucoffs are careful to state why particular exercises will work for a given condition.

"Healing Moves" is a refreshing change from the emphasis on exercise merely to lose weight or reduce stress. Exercise is much more powerful than that, as the Krucoffs convincingly demonstrate.

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