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May 23, 2000

Would you consider a career as a high school coach?


Newport Harbor, Tennis

Probably not. I want to go into business or law. I think it would be awesome to give back, but coaching takes a lot of time. I know if you get involved like our coach, Fletcher Olson, has, it's like having 10 screaming girls. But I think it would be a really awesome experience. It's a really influential position in a kid's life.


La Habra, Softball

I would consider being a coach because I have had a lot of good coaches throughout the years, and they've taught me a lot. I feel I could teach young players a great deal once I'm through with playing softball at Long Beach State. A lot of coaches know how to treat injuries, and that's what I'm going to pursue, a career in sports medicine. I would probably prefer being an assistant coach to a head coach because I like that relationship with the players more than having to be their boss.


Brea Olinda, Softball

I'm planning on being a coach when I get older because I enjoy softball so much that when I'm not able to play, I still want to be out there on the field. I want to stay involved in some way. Softball has been my passion my whole life, and I want it to be a part of my life after college.


Newport Harbor, Swimming

Becoming a coach has crossed my mind many times. But I think I would probably never become a coach. After I have finished with the sport, I want to move on. I feel like being an athlete is as good as coaching, because in a sense you are coaching yourself and helping those around you. Even though I have a lot or respect for my coaches, I feel it's best for me to move on when I retire as an athlete.


Former wrestling referee/coach

Absolutely. There is not a greater source of influence other than parents perhaps, on a young athlete's life and career than a strong high school coach. My high school coach had enormous impact on my future life and my attitude. I could only hope to repay him by passing that legacy on to future athletes.


Irvine, Basketball/Softball

I would, but the requirements to being a coach would have to be patience, a good attitude, a hunger to win, knowledge about the sport and, most importantly, dedication. Your athletes count on the coach being there every practice day.


El Toro, Volleyball/Track

Yes, because growing up with sports and everything, it becomes second nature and it inspires you to help people and inspire kids. I want to be a coach helping or teaching things. You learn so much from your coaches.


What opposing team or individual do you respect the most and enjoy competing against. Why?

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