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Overall Top 10 Companies

May 24, 2000

Year-to-date share of video sales market through May 7 and the current top-selling video for each company:

Company: Warner Home Video*

Market share: 27.0%

Current bestseller: The Matrix (DVD)


Company: New Line Cinema

Market share: 4.6%

Current bestseller: The Bachelor (DVD)


Company: Buena Vista

Market share: 17.0%

Current bestseller: The Sixth Sense (DVD)


Company: Universal Home Video

Market share: 14.5%

Current bestseller: Galaxy Quest (DVD)


Company: Columbia

Market share: 9.8%

Current bestseller: Dogma (DVD)


Company: Paramount Home Video

Market share: 7.3%

Current bestseller: Double Jeopardy (DVD)


Company: MGM

Market share: 5.1

Current bestseller: Stigmata (DVD)


Company: Artisan**

Market share: 4.7%

Current bestseller: Highlander, director's cut (DVD)


Company: Fox

Market share: 4.6%

Current bestseller: The Abyss (DVD)


Company: Image Entertain

Market share: 1.7%

Current bestseller: Dances With Wolves, spec. ed. (DVD)

* Includes HBO, Turner, New Line and WarnerVision

** Includes Hallmark and Republic

Source: VideoScan

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