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Cooperating Against Substance Abuse


A countywide effort to empower individuals, neighborhoods and communities to fight alcohol and drug-related problems starts today in Oxnard.

Representatives from area health and law enforcement agencies will exchange information with residents and discuss how through cooperation they can enhance substance-abuse prevention efforts in Ventura County, said Ken Klopman, a senior officer in the Oxnard Police Department, who is scheduled to attend.

"We want to share some of the successes that Oxnard has had, where law enforcement has been working with experts in the prevention fields," he said.

"There are better ways to effect long-lasting results."

Klopman said cooperation helped several Oxnard residents learn to communicate the needs of their communities to liquor stores, bars and nightclubs.

Such talks with entrepreneurs encourage businesses to operate responsibly and avoid the negative influences of businesses that sell alcohol irresponsibly, he said.

Police Chief Art Lopez said the forum would also include discussions of how to better educate people who sell and serve alcohol about how to prevent substance abuse and related problems.

More than 40 people are expected to attend the invitation-only forum, which begins at 8:30 a.m. at River Ridge Golf Club in Oxnard, at 2401 W. Vineyard Ave.

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