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Chevy Suburban: Look at the Numbers

May 24, 2000

We read with great interest last week's article about sales of the all-new full-size Chevrolet Suburban sport-utility vehicle versus the Ford Excursion ("Ford's Big Excursion SUV Steals the Thunder From General Motors' Suburban," May 17).

Despite the tone of that article, a look at several facts shows that the all-new Chevrolet Suburban has proved itself more popular than the Ford Excursion:

* Chevrolet has sold nearly three times as many Suburbans as Ford has sold Excursions for the 2000 calendar year through April. Calendar year Suburban sales for 2000 through April are 45,298, a 17% increase from the year-ago period. Excursion sales were 15,838.

* Suburban has posted nine consecutive monthly sales records through April.

* Suburban sales for 1999 (138,977, up 28% from '98) were its best annual sales in history for the fourth consecutive year.

* Ford recently announced it would cut Excursion production, according to several news reports.

* Suburban supply on dealer lots is 40 days versus an industry average of 60 days. Recent published reports peg Excursion supply at 111 days.

* Neither GM nor Chevrolet has been offering manufacturer rebates on Suburban.

The Chevrolet Suburban established the full-size sport-utility vehicle segment back in 1935, and is the longest-running vehicle nameplate in automotive history. We think the aforementioned facts prove it is the preeminent full-size SUV in the market, and it is clearly the best Suburban yet.



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