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Summer Sizzle

Hollywood's heating up, and the never-ending influx of new scenesters ensures the night life won't get stale.


The best thing about Hollywood just might be that old bus station on Vine Street. Darn near every day, there's a new kid on the block. For each small-town casualty there's another with big-city ambition who hits the street running and never looks back.

The Hollywood club scene survives and thrives on what Hollywood's Only Rock 'n' Roll Nightlife Yellow Pages calls "fresh meat." This new scene bible, found at most Hollywood hangs, even has a section titled "Fresh Meat" that features photos of L.A. newcomers seen out in Hollywood nightclubs--and likely the next month's bartenders, doormen, promoters, go-go dancers and/or rock stars. Currently, the bus floweth over. People from all over the globe have high-tailed it to Hollywood, and as a result, the club scene is looking forward to its hottest hotty summer in more than a decade.

For starters, Club 7969 (which may change its name again . . . but decidedly not back to Peanuts) is debuting its snazzy post-fire remodel this weekend when its stable of sexy clubs resumes. The fetish club Sin-A-Matic returns Saturday, the new wave dance club Velvet reopens Sunday and Michelle's Triple X Revue also returns Tuesday. Its biggest hoo-hah, however, is scheduled for June 15, when the Thursday night glam club, Vibrator, reopens with performances by the Newlydeads, Coyote Shivers and an all-star cover band.

Speaking of summertime merriment, the hot Tuesday night scene, Beige, located at 360 in Hollywood for the past two years, is kicking out the jams. Its promoters are launching a monthly pool party at the Hollywood scene's home away from home, Palm Springs! Beige Palm Springs debuts May 27 at the Racquet Club, a historic P.S. resort, where Marilyn Monroe was known to stick her 11 toes in for a dip. Impersonator Jimmy James--who does a killer Marilyn--will be in from New York to entertain the masses. For more info or reservations call (800) 367-0946. . . . West Hollywood's Ultrasuede Lounge is turning to Liquid Sky on June 2, as promoters James Stone and Jason Lavitt team up to spin a weekly night of futuristic electronic music. In other Ultrasuede Lounge news, the Wednesday retro dance party, That '80s Club, is off the hook these days, with lines around the block. That's what a two-buck cover with bargain drink prices'll get ya. . . . Another sure-fire scene for summer is the Monday night party at the Viper Room, Camaro, featuring the '80s cover band Metal Shop, wet T-shirt contests and our favorite scenemaking host, Apollo Starr.

The Variety Arts Center is hosting yet another Memorial Day Massive for summer lovers on Sunday. The mondo dance party will have five floors of fun. Promoters from Beat It, Bang!, Shout, Cafe Bleu, Sin-A-Matic and Coven 13 unite each time this year to throw this Goth-mod-'80s-techno-fetish, gala. . . . Speaking of Coven 13, the famed Goth club, which has been chilling in a casket for the last few months, reemerges at a new permanent home on Wednesday. The Playroom in Hollywood is giving Coven 13 a whirl and if it all works out, that means the Playroom continues its mission of hosting some of L.A.'s hottest weekly nightclubs (Cherry, Club 846 and Scream among them). . . . On May 26, Rodney's English Disco (now held monthly at Cafe Club Fais Do-do) will feature a live performance by Vyvyan, a very hot all-girl band from the U.K., so hot, in fact, the ladies are signed to David Bowie's Main Man label.

Quite possibly the best-looking new scene is hosted by one of those hot, hotty go-go dancers, in this case, Make-Up/Cherry/Bang! dancer Christina, who launched her first nightclub promotion, Peroxide, at the Beauty Bar--a smart choice. The new venture, which takes place the second Tuesday of the month, hits next on June 13, and it's a who's who of young Hollywood. It doesn't hurt that Tony & Tina cosmetics and Purple Circle hair salon are offering glittery glam make-overs at Peroxide. Sign me up.

And finally, Bigfoot Lodge owner Bob Green is making huge strides. I wish I could tell you what his next adventure is, but he's sworn me to secrecy--imagine the nerve, asking a gawssip gal to put a zipper on it! Beginning in June, the young barkeep is offering a midday roost for Saturday night revelers called Hungover Sundays. The Lodge will open its doors at 11 a.m. and serve up Bloody Marys at bargain prices. Although he's promising live music, I'm assuming he'll be keeping the volume below 11.

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