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Albertson's Sells Lucky Lotto Ticket

May 26, 2000|KATIE COOPER

For one shopper, it seems, Albertson's is lucky.

A lottery ticket purchased at one of the food retailer's stores on Reino Road was one of two tickets that matched all six numbers drawn Wednesday night for Super Lotto, worth an estimated $22 million, said officials with the California Lottery. The ticket holder had not stepped forward as of late Thursday, lottery officials said.

The winner opted for an immediate cash payment, instead of the 26 annual payments. Under the lump sum payment option, the ticket holder will get about $5 million, lottery officials said.

The manager of the Albertson's supermarket, a former Lucky store, declined to comment.

Lottery officials said the winner has 180 days to claim the cash prize. Chances are, officials said, the ticket holder hasn't checked the results of the drawing yet.

"It's probably a busy person who works like everybody else," said spokeswoman Norma Minas.

The winning numbers were: 9, 12, 20, 22, 28, 45. The other winning ticket was purchased in Van Nuys.

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