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Charting the Lead

May 29, 2000|LONNIE WHITE

First Quarter

Lakers 16

Portland 25

Highlight Reel: Arvydas Sabonis made sure Portland got off to a strong start by scoring the game's first five points on two long perimeter shots, including his second three-point basket of the series.

It's Not in the Box Score: How Scottie Pippen played a one-man zone defense and disrupted the Lakers' triangle offense by trapping wherever the ball went.

Winning Numbers: Eight and Four. The points scored and rebounds grabbed in the quarter by Laker center Shaquille O'Neal, who was held without a point and rebound over the first 12 minutes of Game 3.

Wrong Number: Zero. The total points in the quarter by Kobe Bryant, who struggled to find his rhythm.

Leading Scorers: Lakers: O'Neal 8. Trail Blazers: Steve Smith 7.

Leading Rebounders: Lakers: O'Neal 4. Trail Blazers: Pippen 5.

Second quarter

Lakers 42

Portland 47

Highlight Reel: After the Lakers took a one-point lead, Rasheed Wallace made a three-point play, pulled down a defensive rebound in traffic and made a three-point basket to ignite Portland before the half.

It's Not in the Box Score: How Pippen had a running conversation with the officials and Laker Coach Phil Jackson at the same time, which eventually led to a technical foul.

Winning Number: Six. The second-chance points the Lakers scored in the quarter, thanks to two big offensive rebounds by guard Ron Harper.

Wrong Number: Three. The number of fouls called on Pippen and Sabonis, who each had to go to the bench late in the quarter.

Leading Scorers: Lakers: Bryant 9. Trail Blazers: Wallace 8.

Leading Rebounders: Lakers: O'Neal 4. Trail Blazers: Wallace 5.

Third quarter

Lakers 76

Portland 66

Highlight Reel: Sabonis must have had a flashback to his younger days in Lithuania when he blew past O'Neal with a dribble drive and dunked over A.C. Green for a three-point play.

It's Not in the Box Score: How Glen Rice had a little bounce in his step after he rediscovered his hot-shooting touch to open the second half. He scored 12 points in the quarter on a day he celebrated his 33rd birthday.

Winning Number: 10. The combined point totals in the quarter by Harper and Green, who each scored just enough to keep the Lakers' momentum going.

Wrong Number: Zero. The combined point totals in the quarter for Sabonis and Pippen, who were 0 for 4 from the floor.

Leading Scorers: Lakers: Rice 12. Trail Blazers: Sabonis 7.

Leading Rebounders: Lakers: Rice and Robert Horry with 3 each. Trail Blazers: Sabonis and Pippen with 2 each.

Fourth quarter

Lakers 103

Portland 91

Highlight Reel: Horry can slash to the basket with the best of them when he feels like playing. Showing again that he is a postseason player, Horry made a nifty right hand reverse layup early in the quarter and later made a Dr. J-like layup in traffic.

It's Not in the Box Score: How in the final moments of the game, the Lakers sat on their bench and took turns putting on the jersey of teammate Brian Shaw, who was suspended for the game.

Winning Number: 18. The total points scored in the quarter by Wallace, who made six of 11 field-goal attempts and grabbed three offensive rebounds.

Wrong Number: Zero. The combined point total in the quarter for Damon Stoudamire, Bonzi Wells, Brian Grant and Pippen.

Leading Scorers: Lakers: O'Neal 10. Trail Blazers: Wallace 18.

Leading Rebounders: Lakers: O'Neal and Rice, with 3 each. Trail Blazers: Sabonis 4.

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