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This Seahawk on Endangered Species List

November 01, 2000|EARL GUSTKEY

The boo birds, sports section letter writers and talk-show callers are at full throttle in Seattle, all after Seahawk Coach Mike Holmgren's scalp.

Writes Seattle Times columnist Ron C. Judd: "Can you believe what a train wreck this franchise has become? Not so this bunch, which takes its weekly licks in stride and doesn't even seem to get hacked off about it--it's all just part of Maestro Mike's big plan."

Judd also wonders if a poor Seahawk season will impact the team's future revenue stream from its new stadium, going up next door to the Mariners' Safeco Field:

"Paying the bills for the barn is at least partially dependent on the number of contented, luxury-suite cows within. The optimistic revenue stream for the Seahawk stadium counts on at least medium-warm interest in the home club. And right now, it's about as cold as gravel at the mouth of the Humptulips River."

And Seattle Times reader David Campbell writes, "I firmly agree when Coach Holmgren says we'll get better, because that's the only direction we can go from here. Whether or not he'll still be here remains to be seen."


Trivia question: Who holds the Pac-10 football record for points scored?


Poor form, Rudy: Decked out in full Yankee garb, New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani walked into the Mets' clubhouse moments after the World Series had ended and invited the Mets to ride along with the Yankees in the Manhattan parade Monday honoring the Yankees. Thanks, but no thanks, he was told.

"Some people felt the mayor was rubbing it in when he came in with his Yankee stuff on," Met Manager Bobby Valentine said.

How did Valentine feel?

"It struck me as odd," Valentine said.

An awful idea to start with, wrote the New York Post's Tom Keegan, who added:

"Hillary and Monica will shop together for girdles before Mariano Rivera slides over on a float to make room for Armando Benitez."


Add Rudy: Hizzoner had another bright idea last week.

He said it would be OK for kids to skip school for the parade Monday.

Absolutely not, said city schools chief Harold Levy.

"The World Series was very exciting--but there is no reason to skip school," Levy said.

"Just like other city agencies, schools will be open. I expect teachers and students to attend."


Last add mayors: When the New Jersey Nets brought back top draft pick Kenyon Martin to Cincinnati for a recent NBA exhibition game, Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken said of the former Bearcat:

"New Jersey is every Cincinnatian's favorite team. Oscar Robertson is the King, but this guy is the Prince of Wales."


Early and late bird: Oakland Raider quarterback Rich Gannon, on Coach Jon Gruden's hours:

"He comes in at 4 or 4:30 a.m. I leave at 6 p.m. and I know his car will still be here for another two hours."


Trivia answer: UCLA kicker John Lee, 390 points on 85 field goals, 135 conversions.


And finally: Jerry Magee, writing in the San Diego Union-Tribune about pinstripes in sports uniforms and business attire:

"You are what you wear--whether the wearers are in business suits or baseball flannels, they represent class, with Roger Clemens the possible exception."

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