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Missing Girl, 10, Shows Up at Father's House 2 Days Later

November 02, 2000

ANAHEIM — A 10-year-old girl missing from her foster parents' home since Monday has been found safe with her biological father in Fullerton, police said Wednesday.

Erica Hernandez, who never returned from taking out the trash Monday morning at an apartment building in the 900 block of Roberts Street, showed up early Wednesday at the home of her father, who immediately called police.

"We sent a unit over to pick her up," Anaheim Police Sgt. Rick Martinez said. "She is in good shape and there is nothing wrong with her. She appears to have eaten and had someplace to stay out of the elements."

Instead of being returned to her foster parents, however, the girl has been sent to Orangewood Children's Home in Orange for evaluation.

"Based on information that Erica has given us, it was determined that it would be best for social services to review where she will be staying," Martinez said.

The girl told police that after leaving the Roberts Street apartment Monday morning, she got on a bus and took it about five miles to Fullerton in the area where her biological family lives, Martinez said.

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