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November 02, 2000|HUGO MARTIN

Timex TMX watch

* What it does: Has a "Mystery Answer" button that displays one of 24 randomly selected answers to any yes-or-no question. Sort of like putting a "Magic 8 ball" on a watch. A second button launches a screen saver that appears on the watch's face.

* Price : $35

* Manufacturer: Timex

* Niche: Generation Y, the teenagers who are looking for a fun little gadget to share with friends when classes get dull. The watch helps answer those perplexing teen questions, such as "Will our team win the homecoming game?" or "Will I get a date for Saturday night?" Possible answers: "Outlook is great!" or "Ask again later."

* The good: The watch is actually a quality digital timepiece with a chronograph, a timer and an alarm. It is shock-resistant and water-resistant. Plus, the night light makes the face easy to read.

* The bad: The buttons are a bit hard to push, particularly for small fingers.

* Bottom line: A good gift idea that young teens might actually think is cool.

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