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Mike Penner's Chandler Factor

November 03, 2000|MIKE PENNER

Requirement for inclusion: Must have cut paychecks for Chandler at some time during his NFL career:

1. Tennessee (7-1). Chandler started at quarterback for the Oilers during their last two seasons in Houston (1995-96) before the franchise moved to Tennessee. Cause and effect?

2. St. Louis (7-1). Chandler appeared in 12 games for the Rams during their last season in Anaheim (1994) before the franchise moved to St. Louis. Cause and effect?

3. Indianapolis (6-2). Chandler drafted by Colts in third round in 1988, started 13 games as a rookie, injured knee three games into 1989 season, traded before 1990 season to make way for Jeff George, then Jim Harbaugh. Team has since upgraded with Peyton Manning.

4. Tampa Bay (4-4). Chandler waived midway through 1991 season to make way for Vinny Testaverde, then Craig Erickson, then Trent Dilfer. Team has since upgraded with Shaun King.

5. Atlanta (3-6). Blind squirrel finds acorn in 1998--Chandler quarterbacks Falcons to Super Bowl. Since then, blind squirrels of Atlanta have gone 8-17, hungry.

6. Arizona (2-6). With the Cardinals from 1991-93, Chandler was the transition quarterback between Tom Tupa and Steve Beuerlein. Because someone had to be.

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