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Voter Guide 2000

City Council, Mayoral Candidates in Orange County

November 05, 2000

Twenty-nine cities in Orange County are electing new officials in Tuesday's election. In addition to filling council seats, Garden Grove, Irvine, Orange, Santa Ana and Westminster are electing mayors. Here are profiles of more than 200 candidates for municipal elections--information for which was provided by the candidates to reporters for The Times or to the registrar of voters and has not been independently verified:


Two Elected

Tom Tait

* Age: 41

* Occupation: Incumbent, businessman

* Background: The council has launched revitalization and beautification projects, creating and generating revenue to improve vital public services; opened a downtown community center and two new police stations; directed more city resources to be spent on neighborhood improvements

* Issues: Believes city government should be people's servant, never master; defines good government as ensuring neighborhoods are havens for families and providing essential services without burdening taxpayers, maintain streets and provide clean, safe parks; wants to lift the tax and regulatory burden on small businesses; supports City Council term limits

Shirley McCracken

* Age: 62

* Occupation: Incumbent, educator

* Background: 30-year Anaheim resident; master's degree in math; doctorate in management; supported budgets for community policing, street maintenance, more parks and lighting, more library book expenditures without a tax hike; supported cultural plan, Anaheim Ballet relocation, park concerts, sports programs, city festivals, senior center construction, renovated stadium, new convention center

* Issues: Priorities include economic development, neighborhood issues and preservation of city assets such as utility company, golf courses, public buildings and parks; positive business strategies should help revitalize Anaheim as a great place to live, work and play


Two Elected

Don Schweitzer

* Age: 53

* Occupation: Architect

* Background: Third-generation Brean; planning commissioner; past president of Lions Club; current member of Brea Historical Society

* Issues: Plans to create more assisted-living facilities, renew a senior center and obtain better transportation for seniors; wants more parks and sports facilities; opposes Measure N, the Hillside Initiative; wants to create a Heritage Center

Bev Perry

* Age: 44

* Occupation: Mayor, businesswoman

* Background: Has served as chairwoman of Wildlife Corridor Conservation Authority, on city Parks and Recreation Commission, with Brea Historical Society; sits on boards of St. Jude Medical Center and League of California Cities; belongs to Brea-La Habra American Assn. of University Women; 15-year city resident

* Issues: Supports Measure N but also believes in property rights; believes in improving programs for seniors; favors working locally and regionally to reduce traffic congestion

Kevin Shane

(Could not be reached)

* Occupation: Risk management consultant

Marty Simonoff

* Age: 50

* Occupation: Retired police captain

* Background: Council member for the last four years; mayor in 1999; statewide chairman for League of California Cities' Public Safety Policy Committee

* Issues: Opposes Measure N; believes in further addressing seniors' needs; wants to find more ways to reduce traffic problems

Merle Johnson

(Withdrew from the race due to health problems)


John Sutton

* Age: 80

* Occupation: Incumbent

* Background: Treasurer last six years; former City Council member; mayor in 1997; on Planning Commission for 17 years; has served as president of Boys & Girls club of Brea, now on club's board of directors

* Issues: Opposes Measure N; believes Brea has been very efficient in taxing income; believes tax base needs to be protected and city investments must be watched closely

Ken Palmer

* Age: 46

* Occupation: Certified public accountant

* Background: Has worked for Treasure Chest Advertising, KPMG Peat Marwick (Chicago), CFS Continental and insurance underwriter Pacific Title Co.; past president and treasurer for Park Paseo Homeowners Assn.; became CPA in 1992; graduated from University of Illinois, earned MBA from DePaul University

* Issues: Wants residents to have a voice with city auditors


Gail Dittman

* Age: 46

* Occupation: Businesswoman

* Background: Serves on Brea-Glenbrook Homeowners Assn.; has served as assistant scoutmaster for Brea Cub Scouts and den leader; founder and past chairwoman of Republican Women of Brea; has lived in Brea for 16 years

Elaine Capps

* Occupation: City clerk and records manager

* Background: Has lived in Brea since 1964; worked for city since 1975 in various departments; former deputy city clerk; member of Professional International Institute of Municipal Clerks, City Clerks Assn. of California, and Assn. of Record Managers and Administrators


Two Elected

Evan Martin

* Age: 29

* Occupation: Police officer

* Background: Nine years on police force

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