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Voter Guide 2000

City Council, Mayoral Candidates in Orange County

November 05, 2000

* Issues: Reexamine policy on ticketing cars during street-sweeping days; wants more police stationed at the Block at Orange; opposes changing the appearance of the downtown traffic circle; supports term limits for City Council members; wants to keep City Hall open Saturdays

Nick Lall

* Age: 42

* Occupation: Business owner for 16 years

* Background: Has lived in Orange for 15 years; Scout leader; served as vice president of the Friendly Center, a nonprofit charity group; served as vice president of the Orange Taxpayers Assn.

* Issues: Supports youth programs to give children an alternative to gangs; wants to increase the number of police officers; wants to eliminate graffiti; opposes tax increases; opposes awarding "no bid" contracts for major city services

Lawrence "Larry" Labrado Jr.

* Age: 28

* Occupation: Leadership development executive

* Background: Born and raised in Orange; holds a bachelor's degree in political science from Cal State Fullerton; serves on the Orange YMCA Program Committee; is a member of the Orange Dog Park Assn.

* Issues: Wants City Council members elected by district; wants the council to give more attention to the west and north sides of the city; wants the city to set aside more open space; wants the city to be more involved with solving problems in the Orange Unified School District; wants to expand senior services

Carolyn V. Cavecche

* Age: 40

* Occupation: Orange Public Library trustee

* Background: Served on Community Video Advisory Board; graduated from the Orange Police Department's Citizens Police Academy; has lived in the city for 14 years

* Issues: Wants to be an advocate for libraries, parks and graffiti prevention; wants the Irvine Co.'s development in east Orange to include schools, libraries, parks and open space; wants commercial development in east Orange to provide a tax base for the city; wants special interests to have less influence on the City Council; wants new leadership on the City Council

Jon Dumitru

* Age: 29

* Occupation: Fire services coordinator

* Background: Born and raised in Orange; is a founding member of Clean Up Orange, a volunteer group that cleans up parks, trails and homes; is a member of the Orange Community Chorus; volunteers as a Scout leader

* Issues: Wants to reduce development in east Orange; wants to eliminate graffiti and stray shopping carts; wants to expand Neighborhood Watch programs; opposes installing parking meters in the Old Towne plaza; opposes removing pine trees from Old Towne; advocates more programs for seniors and youth

Joanne Coontz

* Age: 71

* Occupation: Incumbent

* Background: Has served on the City Council for 14 years, currently as mayor; served on the Planning Commission for eight years; has lived in the city since 1961; helped start the Old Towne Preservation Society

* Issues: Opposes new municipal taxes; wants to focus on public safety; seeks to build new parks and trails and find additional open space; wants to continue the city's partnerships with schools and universities; wants the City Council to take a role in planning new developments

Mike Alvarez

* Age: 43

* Occupation: Incumbent, businessman

* Background: Third-generation Orange resident; has served on the City Council for four years; served on the Planning Commission; former high school teacher; served on the board of directors of the Orange Chamber of Commerce; represents the city on the Orange County Growth Management Board

* Issues: Seeks more parks; wants the east Orange development to resemble the rest of the city; seeks to increase the city's involvement in improving schools; wants to increase the capabilities of police and fire services; solve traffic problems


Three Elected

Kenneth A. Fitzgerald

* Age: 56

* Occupation: Retired

* Background: Director of Parks and Recreation of North Las Vegas in 1999; Placentia resident for almost a year

* Issues: Supports curbing deficit spending; believes in the need to attract businesses to the city; wants to provide more resources to police to deal with gangs

Scott P. Brady

* Age: 37

* Occupation: Small-business owner

* Background: Bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and MBA from Cal State Fullerton; 12-year Placentia resident

* Issues: Supports a more conservative fiscal policy; opposes decision to dip into $75,000 contingency fund; supports more community involvement on major city issues such as the railroad lowering project, redevelopment plans and allocation of Orange County bankruptcy funds

Judy A. Dickinson

* Age: 54

* Occupation: Business owner, volunteer

* Background: Has been a member of Placentia Founder's Society, Girl Scouts, Little League, Community Response Team, PTA, Alzheimer's Assn. and the Rose Drive Friends Church; 30-year resident of Placentia; local business owner for past 18 years

* Issues: Seeks special support for police so they can tackle gang problems; believes in bringing additional businesses to city to increase tax base; believes senior citizens have special concerns that need to be addressed

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