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Voter Guide 2000

City Council, Mayoral Candidates in Orange County

November 05, 2000

* Issues: Wants to bring a bowling alley and water park for children to San Clemente

Elizabeth McMahon

* Age: 61

* Occupation: Publisher, editor

* Background: Helped pass Measure B, the Managed Growth Initiative; a 17-year San Clemente resident; consumer representative for the California Senate Housing Task Force in Sacramento; producer of radio show "Homeowner Forum," which kept homeowners abreast of pending legislation and news on housing issues; founder, American Homeowners Resource Center, a national information and networking center on housing issues

* Issues: Wants San Clemente's government to be honest and open; provide equal access, services and protection to all its citizens, including those who live in homeowner associations; consult residents before acting on issues

Steve Netherby

* Age: 58

* Occupation: Journalist, editor

* Background: Served as U.S. naval officer and combat pilot; 27-year San Clemente resident; journalist and editor in the fields of outdoor recreation and resource conservation

* Issues: Wants to place San Clemente's quality of life at the top of city agenda; halt the proposed toll road, sprawl and pollution; apply the brakes to runaway growth; focus on city-centered prosperity; make city government user-friendly; establish a citizens' advisory committee

Tom Padberg

* Age: 66

* Occupation: Retired

* Background: Led 1997 effort to defeat city's utility tax; supported citizen plan for Marblehead development; opposed beach trail and the proposed toll road; supported Shorecliffs and Forster Ranch residents' effort to keep a skateboard park out of their residential neighborhoods; organized and led La Pata initiative drive to limit development; supported resident golfers in their dispute with city officials; supported citizen efforts for stronger code enforcement in older areas of the city

* Issues: Wants to alleviate traffic problems by passing La Pata initiative; keep beaches clean; improve water quality at beaches by improving the street-sweeping program; improve code enforcement; stop proposed toll road; bring at least one high-quality hotel to San Clemente

John T. Tengdin

* Age: 74

* Occupation: Engineering consultant

* Background: Planning commissioner (1989-98); president pro tem, Tri-Cities Municipal Water District; chairman of San Clemente Downtown 2000 Committee; board member of homeowners association; graduate of Purdue University; member of San Clemente Rotary Club; member of Chamber of Commerce; member of Economic Development Committee; member of San Clemente Presbyterian Church

* Issues: Wants to find revenue to operate new parks and city facilities without raising taxes; move the Festival of Arts to San Clemente; complete the downtown/El Camino Real upgrade and North Beach revitalization; reduce urban runoff through water conservation


Two-year term

Diane Bathgate

* Age: 38

* Occupation: Urban planner and environmental consultant

* Background: Appointed to the City Council in February; served as planning commissioner, member of the Design Review Committee, Community Block Grant Committee and Flood Plain Management Committee; served on the board of directors of the Capistrano Valley Water District and the Community Redevelopment Agency; lifelong resident

Issues: Supports open space, keeping the hills from development and historical preservation; programs for youths and seniors; stresses quality environmental and architectural design in the city; wants to protect the small-town way of life

Four-year term

Michael Eggers

* Age: 52

* Occupation: Director of legislative and local governmental affairs for Southern California Edison

* Background: Planning commissioner; member of the Design and Review Committee and served on the Housing Committee; district chief of staff for Rep. Ron Packard (R-Oceanside.W) for 14 years; Dana Point councilman for two terms; nine-year resident of city

* Issues: Protect the city's ridgelines; continue development standards within the city; supports the development of affordable housing for young adults; supports an animal shelter in the city; wants to decrease traffic congestion and increase equestrian trails; supports developing a resort hotel in the city; wants more cameras installed to catch motorists who run lights

John S. Gelff

* Age: 49

* Occupation: Strategic planner, educator

Background: Served as director of the Encino Chamber of Commerce and vice chairman of the San Fernando Valley Legal Foundation of Los Angeles; developed public service programs in law enforcement and legal services

* Issues: Wants to preserve the historic, environmental and scenic prestige of the community by maintaining ridge restrictions; supports planned growth; develop a strategic plan focused on the city's infrastructure, traffic flow and services; wants to enhance business development; increase access to city officials and council members; supports use of cameras to catch motorists who run lights

John Greiner

* Age: 62

* Occupation: Incumbent, retired

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