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Voter Guide 2000

City Council, Mayoral Candidates in Orange County

November 05, 2000

* Issues: Wants to eliminate coin-operated pornography machines in city; bring in new businesses and improve aesthetics of entertainment corridor on Beach Boulevard; wants entertainment corridor to include areas north of Riverside Freeway

Jack Mauller

* Age: 52

* Occupation: Incumbent, general contractor

* Background: City councilman for four years; on Community Development Task Force and Vector Control Board, and alternate director to Orange County Sanitation District

* Issues: Wants to continue working to beautify city and build reserves; favors a new city hall, creating positive business climate, improving quality of life and city financial stability

Jim Dow

* Age: 54

* Occupation: Small-business owner

* Background: Past president and board member of Buena Park Noon Lions; Buena Park Coordinating Council board; Buena Park Historical Society board; member of Chamber of Commerce

* Issues: Wants to improve image of Buena Park, develop long-term strategic growth plan, protect quality of life for citizens and businesses

Varden Brendsel

* Age: 46

* Occupation: Aerospace test technician

* Background: Chairs local nonprofit public safety advocacy group; graduated from Kennedy High; attended Cypress College

* Issues: City resources should be spent on repairs and improvements to infrastructure and on public safety; public safety is best served by assigning police officers to prevention and gang intervention

Steve Berry

* Age: 38

* Occupation: Incumbent, publisher

* Background: Councilman, former mayor; career in business management

* Issues: Believes in public safety, crime fighting and upholding standard of living; services must be carefully maintained for all, including youth and seniors, while fostering an opportunity for business to prosper


Three Elected

Thomas L. Sutro

* Age: 51

* Occupation: Real estate service manager

* Background: Bachelor's degree in business administration from Linfield College, McMinville, Ore.

* Issues: Supports new code regulations; wants to encourage private businesses to redevelop the West Side; wants improvements but not widening of 17th Street; would like to city install underground utilities and become less dependent on sales-tax revenue for income

Michael D. Clifford

* Age: 52

* Occupation: Manager and technician at arcade

* Background: Associate's in electronic technology from Orange Coast College

* Issues: Favors using city's $14.5-million reserves to help with city projects such as improving, but not widening, 17th Street; favors extending the Costa Mesa Freeway to Coast Highway; against building a bridge on 19th Street; supports opening a learning center for adults

Libby Cowan

* Age: 47

* Occupation: Incumbent, community services superintendent for Irvine

* Education: Councilwoman; bachelor's degree in sociology; master's degree in recreation administration and a master's degree in public administration

* Issues: Supports use of city's Redevelopment Agency to improve the quality of life on West Side; against widening 17th Street but in favor of beautification and other improvements; supports Centerline Rail Project

William Perkins

* Age: 25

* Occupation: Retail sales for In-N-Out Burger Corp.

* Background: Student at Orange Coast College with plans to transfer to UCLA in fall

* Issues: Supports new code regulations; use of city budget reserves to help clean up the city and help those who can't afford to meet the codes; supports using city money to help beautify 17th Street and clean up the West Side

Ronald J. Channels

* Age: 56

* Occupation: Owner of accounting firm

* Background: Bachelor's degree in business administration from Cal State San Bernardino

* Issues: Wants to stabilize the city's salary expenses and keep city expenditures within revenue; against new code regulations; opposes widening 17th Street; is in favor of adding more rapid transit; opposes adding low-income, high-density housing to West Side

Karen L. Robinson

* Occupation: Attorney for California State University system

* Background: Bachelor's degree, business certificate and law degree from UCLA

* Issues: Favors preventing urbanization by using responsible planning and preserving and maintaining Costa Mesa's parks; supports providing police and fire departments with funding for state-of-the-art equipment, up-to-date training; wants to ensure business needs are met

Heather K. Somers

* Age: 44

* Occupation: Incumbent, public relations

* Background: Bachelor's in fine arts from Cal State Long Beach

* Issues: Opposes high-density development; against widening 17th Street, but supports better turn lanes and bus turnouts; supports new code regulations; West Side specific plan just a framework that still needs the directions

Joel Faris

* Age: 32

* Occupation: Fourth-grade teacher at Russell Elementary in Santa Ana

* Background: Bachelor's degree and teacher's credential; master's degree in education/administration credential

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