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Voter Guide 2000

The Election Online

November 05, 2000

All of the major candidates and most of the campaigns for statewide propositions have Internet sites. Here is a sampling of some other election-related sites:

Nonpartisan sites:

* California Online Voter Guide:

(Presented by California Voter Foundation.)

* The Democracy Network:

* League of Women Voters of California:

(Has links to, the league's election Web site.)

* Los Angeles Times:

* Project Vote Smart:

* Web White & Blue 2000:

(Has links to 17 commercial and nonprofit political sites.)

Government agencies:

* California legislative analyst's office:

(Analyzes ballot propositions, gives links to other state government sites.)

* California secretary of state:

* Fair Political Practices Commission:

* Federal Election Commission:

* Los Angeles County registrar:

Political news and analysis:

Alliance for Better Campaigns:

(Tracks television stations' revenues from political advertising.)

* All Politics:

(Joint project of CNN and Time magazine)

* Center for Public Integrity:

(Tracks campaign finance reform issues; monitors political donations.)

* Center for Responsive Politics:

(Lists campaign finance information by candidate and industry.)

* Center for Voting and Democracy:

(Promotes proportional representation.)

* Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting:

(Media activism; has links to political sites.)

* KTLA Campaign 2000:

(Has presidential campaign coverage, interactive polls.)

* Public campaign:

(This is a campaign finance reform organization.)

* Rock the Vote:

(From the creators of MTV, geared to voters 18 to 25 years old.

Political Parties:

* Democratic Party:

* Republican Party:

* Reform Party:

* Green Party:

* Libertarian Party:

* Natural Law Party:

* American Independent Party:

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