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It's Get Out the Vote or Get Out of Town

November 05, 2000|ROBYN NORWOOD

Times NFL writer Robyn Norwood poses--and answers--the burning questions for this week's games:

1. Question: Which will be higher--the percentage of support for the Arizona stadium initiative in Tuesday's election or the number of points Washington scores against the Cardinals today?

Answer: With only 38% in favor in a recent poll, there's a chance the Redskins will do better than Proposition 302.

2. Q: What kind of welcome will Randall Cunningham get in his return to the Vet in Philadelphia?

A: The notorious Philadelphia fans figure to cheer him, then turn on him--a microcosm of the way they treated him as an Eagle.

3. Q: Will Doug Flutie inflame the Buffalo Bill quarterback controversy even more with his performance against New England?

A: It's as sure a sign of fall as the leaves turning. This time, Rob Johnson might return to find Flutie settling into his job.

4. Q: What are the chances Randy Moss gets any calls Monday night after his latest fine for touching an official? (Last season, he squirted one with a water bottle.)

A: Oh, about one in $40,000.

5. Q: One more time: Will the Baltimore Ravens score a touchdown?

A: The five-game drought will end today. The Ravens scored 37 points against Cincinnati Sept. 24--and haven't scored a touchdown since.

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