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Ucla Game Report

November 05, 2000|BILL DWYRE



Stanford 7

THE SCORING: * Stanford 7, UCLA 0: DeRonnie Pitts, four-yard pass from Randy Fasani at 9:04. 80-yard drive in 16 plays. PAT--Biselli (kick).

* Stanford 7, UCLA 6: DeShaun Foster, 14-yard run at 5:00. 80-yard drive in 10 plays. PAT--Kick blocked by Matt Leonard.

* UCLA 13, Stanford 7: Jason Zdenek, 56-yard interception return at 1:14. PAT--Chris Griffith (kick).

TURNING POINT: Fasani tried to find a receiver over the middle, but Zdenek stepped in front and took the pass on the run, with only Fasani to beat. Zdenek skipped out of Fasani's grasp at the five and went in.

NOT IN THE SUMMARY: Before Stanford's touchdown, UCLA's Ryan Nece made the tackle on receiver Casey Moore at the nine-yard line, but in his enthusiasm drove Moore until he was perhaps 10 yards out of bounds. The obvious unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty put Stanford at the four, from where Pitts took the scoring pass from Fasani.

STAT WATCH: Foster had 51 yards rushing for UCLA and Luke Powell had 73 yards receiving for Stanford. But Fasani was the star, adding 31 rushing yards.



Stanford 14

THE SCORING: * Stanford 14, UCLA 13: Byron Glaspie, two-yard run at 10:50. 80-yard drive in 13 plays. PAT--Biselli (kick).

* UCLA 20, Stanford 14. Foster, 21-yard pass from Cory Paus at 6:17. 80-yard drive in nine plays. PAT--Griffith (Kick).

TURNING POINT: UCLA was marching for a touchdown that would have extended its lead, but Stanford's Brian Taylor stepped in front of a pass from Paus at the one-yard line and returned the interception 56 yards to UCLA's 43. Stanford failed to convert that into a score, but stopped UCLA from breaking open the game.

NOT IN THE SUMMARY: As it had done in the first period, UCLA shot itself in the foot with some lost poise, as the Cardinal drove for the touchdown that temporarily put it ahead, 14-13. Bruin Marques Anderson took a kick at a loose ball well after the play had been signaled dead and was assessed an unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty that put Stanford at the Bruin 10. Two plays later, Glaspie scored.

STAT WATCH: Fasani managed only 13 additional passing yards in the quarter, whereas Paus got hot and added 74 to his 38 yards in the first period. Foster added only 15 rushing yards to his 51 in first period.



Stanford 21

THE SCORING: * UCLA 27, Stanford 14: Mike Seidman, 22-yard pass from Paus at 8:34. 22-yard drive, 1 play. PAT--Griffith (kick).

* UCLA 27, Stanford 21: Powell, 76-yard pass from Chris Lewis at 6:45. 80-yard drive in three plays. PAT--Biselli (kick).

* UCLA 30, Stanford 21: Griffith, 23-yard field goal, at 4:30.

TURNING POINT: UCLA pinned Stanford back on its three with a punt that left Stanford, after its failure to advance for a first down, punting from its one. Ricky Manning Jr. returned Biselli's 36-yard punt to Stanford's 22, and on the next play, Paus connected with Seidman.

NOT IN THE SUMMARY: Just before the Bruins kicked a field goal for the 30-21 lead, Paus had connected with Freddie Mitchell on a down-out-down pattern. Mitchell made a nice over-the-shoulder catch, danced along the sidelines and into the end zone. The UCLA crowd celebrated a touchdown, but the officials ruled that Mitchell had stepped out of bounds on the 10. The Bruins stalled and eventually ended up with four fewer points.

STAT WATCH: Through three quarters, Foster had 22 rushes for 122 yards. The Cardinal best in that category? Quarterback Fasani, who left the game midway through the third period, apparently because of an injury, had six for 45.



Stanford 35

THE SCORING: * UCLA 30, Stanford 28: Ryan Wells, 19 pass from Lewis at 12:37. 58-yard drive in seven plays. PAT--Biselli (kick).

* UCLA 37, Stanford 28: Mitchell, 41 pass from Paus at 6:58. 54-yard drive in two plays. PAT--Griffith (kick).

* UCLA 37, Stanford 35: Kerry Carter, 12 run at 4:11. 80-yard drive in 12 plays. PAT--Biselli (kick).

TURNING POINT: With UCLA attempting to run out the clock while holding atwo-point lead, Coach Bob Toledo did the imaginative, sending Mitchell deep one-on-one with Stanford's Aaron Focht. It was second down and the percentage play would have been a six-yard hook pattern for the safer first down. Paus threw up a prayer that fluttered and Mitchell, one arm entangled with Focht, somehow caught the ball for a 56-yard gain that, for all purposes, clinched the victory.

NOT IN THE SUMMARY: After Stanford scored to get within field-goal range, the kickoff went to freshman Tab Perry, who was swarmed at the 15 and fumbled the ball. Stanford recovered, but the officials apparently ruled his forward progress had been stopped, because replays clearly showed the ball coming out before he hit the ground. UCLA fans breathed a sigh of relief and, moments later, Paus, throwing off his back foot, lofted a fluttering pass to Mitchell to clinch things.

STAT WATCH: In the end, after recovering a UCLA fumble, the Cardinal was left with 91 yards to go to the UCLA goal and 31 seconds to do it. Lewis, the player who beat USC with last-second heroics, tried four passes and, this time, they all fell incomplete.

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