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Riordan Nominates 2 to Commissions

November 08, 2000|STEPHANIE STASSEL

Two San Fernando Valley residents have been nominated by Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan to city commissions.

David Iwata, president of the San Fernando Valley Conference and Visitors Bureau since 1998, was nominated to the Linked Banking Program Community Oversight Board Commission.

Created last year, the commission is developing criteria to determine whether banks are providing services to all members of the community, especially those of low and moderate incomes.

A West Hills resident, Iwata would serve until Jan. 17, 2004, filling a vacancy created by the resignation of Linda Griego.

The mayor also nominated Sherman Oaks resident Jerald K. Lee to serve on the City Employees' Retirement System Commission, which enforces rules deemed necessary to administer the City Employees' Retirement Fund.

A retired city employee who worked for several city departments, Lee would serve until June 30, 2005, replacing Beverly Benedict Thomas, whose term expired.

The nominations will be considered for approval by the City Council, probably later this month.

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