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Absentee Ballot Count

November 08, 2000

* "Surge in Absentee Voting May Delay Results of California Elections" (Nov. 6) reported that the count of the absentee ballots may not be completed until Dec. 5. Why don't we have a system so that the absentee ballots could be counted by computers? In fact, why don't we have a system where all votes are computerized? It would cut down on voter fraud. If someone tried to vote twice, the computer would recognize it immediately. If someone had not registered or tried to vote for those people in the cemetery, the computer could instantly check the voter registration files. We should also strictly enforce the penalties for vote fraud. We seldom hear of anyone being prosecuted.


Long Beach


* I read with interest "And No Reason Not To Vote" (editorial, Nov. 7). I wish I could say that I voted in this election. I really wanted to. The opportunity to participate in our democratic form of government, so unique in this world, means a lot to me.

When I moved to California this past June one of the first things I did was to register to vote via the "motor voter" registration forms at my local DMV. Incredibly, I was never officially registered to vote, even though I did everything right. Is it too much to ask of our election office or DMV employees that they follow through on voter registration paperwork?



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