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Woman Arrested on Suspicion of Murder

November 11, 2000|ROBERTO J. MANZANO

A Canoga Park woman was arrested on suspicion of murder Friday after police found human remains in her apartment.

Neighbors said they believed the victim was the woman's roommate, which police would not immediately confirm.

In a statement, Los Angeles police said they had gotten a tip to a possible homicide in the apartment in the 8700 block of De Soto Avenue and forced their way in after there was no response.

The woman in the unit appeared to have suffered self-inflicted wounds, police said, and was arrested after the remains were found in the apartment.

"Her identity is unknown at this time and she is being booked as Jane Doe," the department's statement said. "The status of the male tenant of the apartment remains under investigation."

James Mewsom, a neighbor, said officers had found body parts in the unit and in a trash bin in the building's parking lot.

Police said the woman who was arrested was about 50 years old. Mewsom said the man who lived in the apartment with her was perhaps 60.

"It's kind of scary," said Mewsom, 30. "You never think something like this would happen."

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