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Legal Challenges to Florida Ballots

November 12, 2000

I am insulted that George W. Bush or anyone else is telling the Gore campaign to back off, admit a Bush victory and let the country "begin its healing." There are many of us who studied the candidates carefully and cast our ballots with confidence that our votes would matter. Now 19,000 of those votes have been denied in Florida because of ballot inadequacies. Far from allowing us to heal, a Bush victory decision at this point would cause me to believe that we are going forth into the next four years with 19,000 people having lost their ability to have a democratic voice and, as a result, the rest of us as well.

Only by taking every legal measure to find the true winner can we eliminate a doubt that would split this country for the next four years.




I was initially skeptical about the "confusing ballot" theory, but from the accounts of distressed Florida voters tearing up their mismarked ballots, etc., it is becoming increasingly clear that many Florida voters really did mistakenly cast ballots for Pat Buchanan while attempting to vote for Al Gore. In view of this, if Bush does indeed win in Florida, thereby winning the presidential election, it would be appropriate for him to go down in history as "the accidental president."


Dana Point


First Gore said we need to respect the voting process as it stands. Then, apparently because the election is not going the right way, he supports a lawsuit to redo the election. I've seen the ballot as published on the Internet and it was clear. This is a smoke screen and if people made mistakes, they ought to have checked their ballots before submitting them. They could've gotten a new ballot. Would the Democrats be so supportive of Republican voters? I don't think so. The nation should not have to pay for the mistakes that people make. If mistakes were made, grow up and live with them.




The only way to restore faith and confidence in the system is to have a revote in Florida. Otherwise, the rancor and stench will not go away for at least four years.




Being old is no excuse for being stupid. If I were so dumb that I couldn't follow an arrow leading to a hole, I'd be too embarrassed to admit it.




If this year's race for the White House is decided in a courtroom rather than the ballot box, it renders the argument of "my vote doesn't matter" a fact. No matter how close the Florida recount is, it should decide the election. Whether the margin is one vote or 1,000.


San Diego


The 2000 election that pinned two baby boomers together for the first time did not disappoint. The self-absorption that exists with both the Gore and Bush camps is embarrassing for us all. I am sad to say it, but Bush and Gore need to learn from Richard Nixon. When Florida is declared, the candidates should accept the result and be ready to consider the country as a whole and not their personal agendas. They are only hurting our nation and making the cynics more cynical.


Mission Viejo


Now, it seems that we have moved from Watergate and Iran-gate to Votergate! Which politicos of which major party pose a major threat to our democracy? Don't answer.


Temple City


I suggest we reopen the balloting for one day. Only those people who did not vote the first time will be allowed to cast a vote.


Santa Barbara


On the eve of the last Veterans Day of the 20th century, the American electorate offered its own poll in this historic election. The winners: Hillary Clinton, the memory of Mel Carnahan and, most importantly, the power of a single vote. The losers: the media, the Florida elections board and the stature of the electoral college. The undecided: Bush and Gore. This is the most compelling election I've witnessed in my lifetime. Does it get any more riveting than this?



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