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City Council OKs Claim on Land Sought by Santa Clarita

November 16, 2000

NEWHALL PASS — Seeking to block plans by its northern neighbor, the Los Angeles City Council has unanimously approved a motion staking a claim to a swath of unincorporated land that the city of Santa Clarita seeks to control for future expansion.

Santa Clarita has proposed to the state Local Agency Formation Commission that it be allowed to establish a "sphere of influence" over county lands at the San Fernando Valley's northern tip.

In response, Los Angeles City Councilman Hal Bernson put forth a motion ordering the preparation and submission of an application to the agency, known as LAFCO, that could lead to Los Angeles annexing the territory. The motion was approved Tuesday.

Bernson said his motion was a reaction to Santa Clarita's proposal before LAFCO. "Right now, they have an application for a new sphere of influence. I'm just trying to protect [the city of Los Angeles'] interest," Bernson said.

Not wanting to pick a fight with the behemoth to the south, Santa Clarita officials said Wednesday they expect within a week to redraw the sphere's proposed boundaries to eliminate Los Angeles' objections.

"I think we can work on a line that is agreeable to both agencies," said Jeff Lambert, Santa Clarita director of planning and building. "It's doable."

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