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Internet Guide

The Week Ahead on the Web

November 16, 2000


* Pop--4 p.m.: Cher, the singer, actress and only winner of an Academy Award to also host an infomercial, takes questions. AOL subscribers can join in by going to keywords "AOL Live."

* Antiques--4 p.m.: Twin brothers Leigh and Leslie Keno have become unlikely national celebrities through television's "Antiques Roadshow," during which people line up to find out whether some tchotchke handed down from Uncle Lew is a valuable heirloom or about as valuable as a paper clip. The brothers chat about the show and their new book, "Hidden Treasures.", then click on "Chats and Events"

* Jazz--6 p.m.: Saxophonist Dave Koz performs, talks about his music and takes questions.


* Movies--9 a.m.: Cast members Jim Carrey and Christine Baranski are interviewed about the upcoming version of the Dr. Seuss book "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

* Rock--10 a.m.: Singer-songwriter Dar Williams, whose heartfelt and witty songs have won her a growing following, performs songs from her recent album, "The Green World." She also plans to talk about her admiration for Yoko Ono.

* Pop--5 p.m.: The boy-band 'N Sync not only has several hit albums, one of its members is also about to launch his own clothing line. Chris Kirkpatrick talks about his duds, which will be available at Nordstrom, of all places. Maybe the in-store piano players will have a whole new repertoire. AOL subscribers can join by going to keywords "AOL Live."


* News--9 a.m.: Ever wonder what the U.S.-owned international radio service--Voice of America-- is broadcasting to the world in its newscasts? You can listen in courtesy of the Web site operated by radio station KCRW-FM (89.9). You also can hear the "VOA NewsNow" news program at 5 a.m., 7 p.m., 9 p.m. and 11 p.m.


* Classical music--7:15 a.m.: One of the most informative of classical music radio shows is "Discovering Music" from the BBC. Each week, announcer Gerard McBurney spends 45 minutes on a single piece of music, discussing its history, structure and relevance to its time and ours. Every time we listen to the show, we get so caught up that we end up buying the CD.

* Country--noon: Hank Williams III, who is the grandson of one of the most famous folk/country performers of all time, has gone his own way. His music is described as country with a punk attitude. This concert was recorded live in September in Las Vegas.

* Hip-hop--6 p.m.: Disc jockeys Wildman Steve & Gary G-Wiz count down the Top 10 songs of the week.


* Biography--2 p.m.: Singer Natalie Cole talks about the trials and tribulations of her turbulent life, including her drug addictions. The chat is timed to the release of her book, "Angel on My Shoulder.", then click on "Chats and Events"

* TV--4 p.m.: The creators of the irreverent animated show "King of the Hill" talk about their program. They are Mike Judge (the voice of Hank Hill and others on the show), who additionally fathered "Beavis & Butt-Head," and Greg Daniels, who was a co-executive producer of "The Simpsons."

* Folk rock--7 p.m.: Glenn Frey of the Eagles on the ups, downs and resurgence of the legendary California band.

* Football--7:30 p.m. (approximate): During halftime of the NFL match between Washington and St. Louis, Denver Bronco running back Terrell Davis will host a chat.


* Food--4 p.m.: Even if your adventures in the kitchen don't go beyond making toast, it would be hard not to be entertained by the delightful Julia Child. She will be chatting about her new book, "Julia's Kitchen Wisdom.", then click on "Chats and Events"

* Pop--5 p.m.: Chris Kirkpatrick of 'N Sync continues to make the Internet chat rounds (see Friday).


* Video games--2 p.m.: Match wits and trade tips with gamer Pete Hallen, who is also more than willing to share cheats.

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