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November 16, 2000|LIZ PULLIAM WESTON,

If you have a question about credit or savings, chances are good you'll find the answer at (

The newly redesigned site is a one-stop shop for all manner of basic and not-so-basic financial issues.

Want to fix bad credit? The site's tutorials tell you how.

Want to know the best rates for certificates of deposit, mortgages and car loans nationwide? offers national averages, plus a survey of the best rates available--complete with contact information.

In the market for a new credit card? You can shop here.

Also, calculators and other tools on the site can help you better manage your savings and your debt.

This isn't a site you visit only when you're looking for the best rates, however. employs reporters who track trends and issues related to money and finance. The advice is decidedly pro-consumer--as are the chat rooms where readers warn each other about sleazy credit card company tricks and hidden bank fees.

The site recently expanded beyond interest rate issues to include information for investors, and it has links to sister sites that provide small-business and tax advice. definitely rates a bookmark on your browser.

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