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Pigskin Prophecies

November 16, 2000

No recount needed here. With each passing week, your Soothsaying Swami continues to lay waste to the ink-stained rabble. The tally after the regular season shows I've won eight weeks compared to two for the "journalists." Their only hope is to scorch me in the playoffs, and they've recruited section editor Dan Loumena to kick my pajama pants. Unfortunately, Loumena is more accustomed to kicking road apples, a life-long hobby he adopted as an Oregon farm boy.

The Prophet

Season totals for the Prophet: 112 of 150 (75%), 174 points

Dan Loumena

Season totals for the guests: 105 of 150 (70%), 153 points

GAME OF THE WEEK (5 points)

Valencia at Palmdale

THE PROPHET SAYS: Playoff-savvy Valencia will overcome the loss of QB Kyle Bauer with a steady running game and a surprising effort from Bauer's replacement, Robert Herrick. Valencia, 28-21.

LOUMENA SAYS: Both teams can play defense. Each has a question to answer at quarterback. I'll take the Falcons and Terry Furlow. Palmdale, 14-13.

OTHER TOP GAMES (each 3 points)

Saugus at St. Francis

THE PROPHET SAYS: I like St. Francis for two reasons: the punk-rock band that plays at home games and those funky 1950s-era numbers on their jerseys. St. Francis, 31-20.

LOUMENA SAYS: Conventional wisdom says take the higher seeded team at home. Sometimes I prefer chaos and the chance to pick an underdog. Saugus, 14-12.


Royal at Oxnard

THE PROPHET SAYS: Royal will expose the folly of Pacific View League principals who made Oxnard the league's No. 1 playoff representative. Royal, 27-14.

LOUMENA SAYS: The Marmonte League, from top to bottom, was relatively weak in comparison to recent seasons. While this will be a close game, it's still a predictable outcome. Royal, 21-15.


Banning at Kennedy

THE PROPHET SAYS: Although I think the score will be close, Kennedy should have enough firepower to shoot down the Pilots. Kennedy, 26-21.

LOUMENA SAYS: Nice first-round draw, battle-tested Banning, for the Golden Cougars, who have just enough defense and too much offense to be losing early in the playoffs. Kennedy, 28-24.

THE REST (1 point each)

* Marshall at Taft: The Prophet: Everyone knows Marshall plays in a weak league, even Taft Coach Troy Starr. Taft, 38-7. Loumena: Taft, 35-21.

* Palisades at Birmingham: The Prophet: Sure, Palisades can pass, but the Dolphins' defense couldn't stop a Pee-Wee Pop Warner team. Birmingham, 45-28. Loumena: Birmingham, 42-34.

* Grant at Sylmar: The Prophet: Grant's Perry Clayton will know what it's like to run against a real defense after this one. Sylmar, 38-14. Loumena: Sylmar, 28-27.

* Hawthorne at Antelope Valley: The Prophet: Hawthorne, which has produced Hall of Fame offensive lineman Ron Mix and NFL receiver Curtis Conway, produces a first-round upset in Division III. Hawthorne, 21-14. Loumena: Antelope Valley, 21-14.

* Lancaster at Notre Dame: The Prophet: Notre Dame improves its focus with Eric Sondheimer not around to distract players by asking for autographs. Notre Dame, 28-7. Loumena: Notre Dame, 14-7.

* Leuzinger vs. Crescenta Valley at Glendale High: The Prophet: Will Crescenta Valley ever win a playoff game again? Not this year against the athletic Olympians. Leuzinger, 27-14. Loumena: Crescenta Valley, 20-16.

* Chaminade vs. Hart at College of the Canyons: The Prophet: Chaminade QB Erik Vose, a promising sophomore, will learn some pointers watching Hart's Kyle Matter. Hart, 38-14. Loumena: Hart, 35-10.

* Arroyo Grande at Thousand Oaks: The Prophet: Everyone says the Northern League is down. Let's see Thousand Oaks prove it. Arroyo Grande, 23-20. Loumena: Thousand Oaks, 28-12.

* Camarillo at Lompoc: The Prophet: A long bus trip and playing in a hostile, small-town environment will be more than Camarillo can overcome. Lompoc, 28-17. Loumena: Lompoc, 18-14.

* Calabasas at Oak Park: The Prophet: Calabasas used to regularly rough up Oak Park, but not this year. Oak Park, 26-21. Loumena: Oak Park, 21-13.

* Kern Valley vs. St. Genevieve at North Hollywood High: The Prophet: St. Genevieve in the playoffs? Someone's kidding, right? Kern Valley, 35-7. Loumena: Kern Valley, 22-8.

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