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College Basketball

Chris Dufresne's Top 25

November 16, 2000|CHRIS DUFRESNE

1. ARIZONA It's the Fab Five

with more facial hair.

2. STANFORD Collins twins must get madder with

"Mad Dog" Madsen now in Laker gear.

3. DUKE School hasn't won national title

since 1992. What's the deal, Coach K?

4. KANSAS Roy Williams decides to stay;

tissue sales go through the roof.

5. MARYLAND String-bean shooting guard

Juan Dixon leads this year's fine crop.

6. MICHIGAN STATE Attention, recruits: Please

form a single-file line and no shoving!

7. ILLINOIS Lon Kruger took the NBA money but

left Bill Self plenty of groceries.

8. SETON HALL Fast-track Coach Tommy Amaker

may be too big for that two-bit, 2,600-seat arena.

9. TENNESSEE All the talent in the world

and a good chance the Vols will squander it.

10. KENTUCKY Tubby Smith makes the tough call again

and starts his son at point guard.

11. NORTH CAROLINA Quick read: The last two

coaches were old; Matt Doherty's young.

12. FLORIDA Donovan catches severe cold caused

by NBA drafting of Miller and Harvey.

13. UCLA Lavin has to be airlifted off

Cloud 9 after Kapono decides to stay.

14. USC The way Jeff Trepagnier jumps, program

could make the Great Leap Upward.

15. ALABAMA The signing of phenom Gerald Wallace should get

school through the last dark days of Mike DuBose.

16. WISCONSIN New rules force Bennett to install

his "patty-cake, patty-cake" defense.

17. CINCINNATI Huggins turns down Clipper

job to hang out with guys closer to his own age.

18. NOTRE DAME Bad news: Doherty left

for North Carolina. Good news: Troy Murphy stayed.

19. UTAH Majerus welcomes transfer

Chris Burgess with a hot meal. Or two.

20. CONNECTICUT Give Calhoun's players

a few months to get to know one another.

21. ARKANSAS Budget cuts force program

to change motto to "37 minutes of hell."

22. DePAUL Oh, what might have been had

the mighty Quen (Richardson) stayed another year.

23. MISSOURI If Snyder grew a mustache

he'd still look as if he was 22.

24. OKLAHOMA Eduardo Najera is gone,

but he left behind a few floor burns.

25. VIRGINIA Noted for being the first ACC team with

winning record not to make the NCAA tournament.

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