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Fish Report

November 17, 2000


Los Angeles County

CASTAIC LAKE--Striped bass are making lots of splashes. A 17-pounder caught on an AC Plug tops the list. The largemouth bass bite is fair to good, and the lower lake produced a 10-pounder, caught on an Osprey lure. The trout bite is fair on lures and Power Bait.

PYRAMID LAKE--Trout fishing has been fair to good on bait and lures, but limits are not the rule. Striped bass and largemouth bass are biting sporadically. No big fish reported.

Ventura County

LAKE CASITAS--Top bass was a 12-pounder caught on a swim-bait. Bass fishing is slow to fair. Trout and catfish action is fair to good. A 36-pound catfish was caught on mackerel.

LAKE PIRU--Trollers and bait fishermen are doing fair for trout, with some getting their limit within an hour or two. Some bass.

Santa Barbara County

LAKE CACHUMA--Trout remain the best bet, with trollers using Needlefish and night crawlers doing best. Power Bait is working well in Cachuma Bay. Some red-ear perch.

Orange County

IRVINE LAKE--Top trout was a 13-8 caught on Power Bait at the west shore. Fishing is good for mostly one- to three-pound fish. Night crawlers and mini-jigs are good choices.

LAGUNA NIGUEL LAKE--The lake is open to only float-tubers Tuesday through Thursday for a catch-and-release contest, after the stocking of 5,000 pounds of Utah-raised rainbow trout. Trout season officially opens Nov. 24. Largemouth bass are active and fish to about eight pounds are being caught with dark plastics.

SANTA ANA RIVER LAKES--This is the place for big trout. More than 200 have weighed in at 10 pounds or more in the past two weeks. Top catch, an 18-5 caught on yellow Power Bait.

Riverside County

CORONA LAKE--The ramp is the place to be, but get there early as the good spots are taken fast. Trout to 15-plus pounds are possible here. Power Bait has been the ticket.

LAKE PERRIS--No large bass reported, but fishing is good for small fish on plastic worms at the east end. Trout fishing is good on bait and lures at Lot 5 and the dam. Several limits of mostly pan-size fish were caught.

LAKE SKINNER--Striped bass remain hungry as fish to five pounds are biting on plugs, swim-baits and live shad. Largemouth bass and trout are biting too.

San Diego County

LAKE CUYAMACA--Water temperature has dropped into the high 30s, causing the fish to "put on their jackets and hunker down until things warm a little," ranger Hugh Marx said. The good news for late risers is that the fish are becoming active at midmorning rather than at dawn's first light. Night crawlers are the best bait.

DIXON LAKE--A 9-6 trout caught on Power Bait tops the list, but trout fishing is only fair. Catfish action is fair too, while bass fishing is slow.

LAKE POWAY--A 10-pound trout was caught on Power Bait. Lots of limits of smaller fish. Night crawlers and fire-tiger Rapalas are good choices.

SAN DIEGO CITY LAKES--Trout action is good at Miramar and fair at Murray. A seven-pounder was caught on Power Bait at Miramar. Top catch overall, a 72-pound blue catfish on mackerel at San Vicente. The San Vicente bass bite is rated good.


The Times accepts and publishes the catch count as a public service. Any responsibility for accuracy is that of the landing operator.

AVILA BEACH (Patriot Sportfishing)--8 anglers (1 boat): 70 red rockcod, 1 cowcod, 9 red snapper, 1 soupfin shark.

SANTA BARBARA (Sea Landing)--7 anglers (1 boat): 16 ocean whitefish, 20 rockfish, 4 sculpin, 1 sheephead.

OXNARD (Cisco's)--45 anglers (3 boats): 1 yellowtail, 141 whitefish, 4 sole, 3 sheephead, 7 sculpin, 310 rockfish, 29 red snapper, 1 cowcod, 80 calico bass, 2 blue perch.

MARINA DEL REY--54 anglers (4 boats): 7 halibut, 37 sand bass, 425 sculpin, 54 rockfish.

REDONDO BEACH--20 anglers (2 boats): 200 sculpin, 4 halibut.

SAN PEDRO (22nd St. Landing)--10 anglers (1 boat): 9 calico bass, 1 halibut, 3 sculpin, 14 sheephead, 26 whitefish, 21 blue perch, 9 rockfish, 3 bonito.

LONG BEACH (Sportfishing/Berth 55)--13 anglers (1 boat): 101 whitefish, 38 rockfish, 9 sheephead, 6 sculpin, 3 sand bass, 2 calico bass. (Marina Sportfishing)--11 anglers (1 boat): 70 rockcod, 10 red snapper. (Pierpoint Landing)--22 anglers (1 boat): 26 sheephead, 39 whitefish, 12 rockfish, 4 sand bass.

NEWPORT BEACH (Newport Landing)--14 anglers (1 boat): 6 sand bass, 140 sculpin. (Davey's Locker)--11 anglers (1 boat): 96 sculpin, 5 sand bass.

DANA WHARF--39 anglers (2 boats): 18 sand bass, 6 calico bass, 14 rockfish, 91 sculpin, 7 sheephead.

OCEANSIDE (Helgren's)--19 anglers (1 boat): 2 calico bass, 2 sand bass, 5 halibut, 5 sculpin.

SAN DIEGO (Seaforth)--74 anglers (4 boats): 78 calico bass, 19 sand bass, 97 rockfish, 16 whitefish, 3 sheephead, 20 sculpin, 29 mackerel. (Islandia)--19 anglers (2 boats): 25 mackerel, 14 whitefish, 19 rockfish, 8 sculpin, 1 sheephead, 3 calico bass, 8 sand bass, 3 barracuda, 99 rockcod, 1 cowcod.


LOS ANGELES--Alondra Lake, Belvedere Park Lake, Crystal Lake, Cuddy Creek, Downey Wilderness Park Lake, Echo Park Lake, El Dorado Park Lake, Elizabeth Lake, Kenneth Hahn Lake, Legg Lake, Lincoln Park Lake, Magic Johnson Park Lake, Peck Road Park Lake, Puddingstone Lake, Pyramid Lake, Santa Fe Reservoir. RIVERSIDE--Lake Hemet. IMPERIAL--Sunbeam Lake and Weist Lake.


LOS ANGELES--Alondra Park Lake, Belvedere Park Lake, Downey Wilderness Park Lake, Echo Park Lake, El Dorado Park Lake, Hansen Lake, Hollenbeck Park Lake, Legg Lake, Lincoln Park Lake, Magic Johnson Park Lake, Peck Road Park Lake, Puddingstone Lake, Santa Fe Reservoir.

--Compiled by PETE THOMAS

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