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Nfl Rivalries,not Weak

November 17, 2000

In the NFL, the real rivalries are personal:

1. Doug Flutie-Rob Johnson: Flutie (3-1) is back on the bench. Johnson (3-3) is back in the lineup. Just win, baby? Not in Wade Phillips' twisted little world.

2. Mike Shanahan-Al Davis: Since Davis fired him as Raider coach, Shanahan is 11-1 against his former team, including seven wins in a row. But he's not bitter.

3. Carmen Policy-Al Davis: Davis wants Policy suspended for violations against the salary cap. Policy wants Davis banned for violations against everything else.

4. Ryan Leaf-City of San Diego: From the Charger locker room to the Qualcomm Stadium stands, the chant grows louder every week. "Ryan, Leave! Ryan, Leave!"

5. Keyshawn Johnson-Wayne Chrebet: As Keyshawn learned the hard way during the Jets' 21-17 victory over the Buccaneers, everybody is a star sometimes. Even the little flashlight.

6. Al Michaels-Boomer Esiason: Now separated by the MNF DMZ. The Dennis Miller Zone.

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