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Small-Town Guy

November 19, 2000

Your article about the new NBC series "Ed" was so right on I couldn't believe it ("Northeastern Exposure," by Robert Strauss, Oct. 22).

Before reading the article, my family had already discussed the idea that "Ed" is quirky and has great characters (Tom Cavanagh is perfect as Ed) and that we thought of "Northern Exposure" while watching it. It's just really really good.

I guess we're pretty perceptive, as is Mr. Strauss.


Dana Point

Having grown up in a small, close-knit community of Pompton Lakes, N.J., I can easily share much of what Robert Strauss found and felt in northern New Jersey. It was a strong sense of home and community that I have not been able to find anywhere else, especially in Southern California.

Unfortunately, many people have come out here to break from their past. This loss only compounds our own social and community problems. While one should not be chained and dragged down by the past, without a history, heritage or a legacy, we have no guide to our future.



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