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Bell Gets Kick Out of Repeated Viewing

November 20, 2000|DAVID WHARTON

David Bell knows his winning field goal against UCLA was not a picture-perfect kick, fluttering barely over the crossbar. But by Sunday, he had seen it replayed several times on television and was feeling better about the effort.

"I like the end zone shot," he said. "You couldn't really tell the flight of the ball, you just saw it go through the uprights. It didn't look as ugly when I saw it on TV."

Bell had also spent 24 hours thinking about the significance of making such a big play in the storied rivalry.

"All week we watched highlights of games from earlier years," he said. "It makes you realize that 30 years from now people will remember that kick."


Linebacker Markus Steele will try to return to practice Tuesday after sitting out the second half of the UCLA game because of a lingering ankle injury. He tried to return against the Bruins after sitting out two previous games but lasted only about 10 plays.

"It kind of gave me pains," he said. "I didn't want to injure it any more."

Steele watched the rest of the game in street clothes on the sideline.

"Markus did as much as he could," Coach Paul Hackett said.

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