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Bankruptcy Filings

November 21, 2000

Listed below are businesses and individuals entered in federal bankruptcy court proceedings.

There are two types of bankruptcy cases: Voluntary bankruptcy filings occur when a business, or individual, seeks protection from its creditors, and involuntary filings happen when one or more creditors bring the debtor to court.

Chapter 7 is usually a liquidation, whereby remaining assets are sold off to pay creditors. Chapter 11 is a reorganization effort, and typically a court must approve the filer's reorganization plan to pay off its creditors. Chapter 13 is a repayment plan for an individual's debts.

The document number refers to the case number of the bankruptcy filing in federal court.

aka: also known as

dba: doing business as

fdba: formerly doing business as

fka: formerly known as

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Malibu Canyon Continental Communities LLC

23293 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills

Chapter: 11; Assets: n/a; Debts: n/a; Document: SV00-19909-AG; File date: 11-3-00

Bob Solomon's Auto Group Inc., All American Auto Group Inc.

20969 Ventura Blvd, Suite 25, Woodland Hills

Chapter: 7; Assets: n/a; Debts: n/a; Document: SV00-19920-GM; File date: 11-3-00

Amspec Inc.

5917 Noble Ave., Van Nuys

Chapter: 7; Assets: n/a; Debts: n/a; Document: SV00-19934-AG; File date: 11-6-00

Computer Superhighway Inc.

11333 Moorpark Ave., Suite 385, North Hollywood

Chapter: 7; Assets: $5,600; Debts: $40,653; Document: SV00-19959-RR; File date: 11-6-00

Jiangxi Zhungyin Sintor Investment Inc.

13108 1/2-B Sherman Way, North Hollywood

Chapter: 7; Assets: $108,333; Debts: $481,191; Document: SV00-19977-GM

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