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November 21, 2000

There are state team championships in cross-country, basketball, track and field, wrestling and girls' volleyball. Should there be a state title in other sports?


Dana Hills, Tennis

If there are state playoffs in some sports, we should have them for every sport. It's a great opportunity to play for a state championship. I think it would draw a lot more attention to our sport and we'd probably get more people coming out for tennis.


Santa Margarita, Golf

Every sport should have a state level to compete at. This is only more competition, which makes players better at what they do. If you can compete against the best, your game rises to the next level and you learn what competition is really out there. Being good at the local level is different than at the state level. Besides, it gives athletes the opportunity to have another goal, which only benefits your game, practice ethic and commitment. Higher competition brings out the best in most games; you have to work harder and play your best, and then it shows you where you stand among the best.


Edison, Cross-Country, Soccer

All sports should compete for a state title. Every athlete excels in a different way, and the limitations put on certain sports is not fair. Each sport has a different skill or technique used to play it and when some are not allowed to show their talent by competing statewide it is keeping many great athletes out of the limelight.


Costa Mesa, Fan

I think there should be state championships in boys' and girls' water polo. If there is one for girls' volleyball there should be one for boys' volleyball.


Foothill, Swimming/Water Polo

Definitely. Last year my water polo team won the [Southern Section] championship. It was disappointing not being able to go after more titles. Our softball team also won a [section] title last year and it was also unable to go any further. If new state championships were created, it would favor the interests of many high school athletes.


Huntington Beach, Parent

I would vote for a state championship in all sports, both male and female. This should be accomplished in the fastest way possible for each championship.


Marina, Volleyball

If there are enough people to participate, then there should be a state championship in every sport.


Edison, Baseball

If there is a state final for one sport there should be for all. State finals for all would make high school sports that much more exciting than they already are.


Long Beach, Retired

For other sports there should be. I have no idea why only selected sports compete for a state title. What is the basis for having selected these particular sports?


Huntington Beach, Basketball

Even though they have state championships for my sport, I think there should still be state championships in other sports, because other sports like field hockey can become very competitive and they should have the opportunity to compete for a state championship.


Who has the greatest impact on your career as an athlete or coach and how?

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