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In Defense of 'Rugrats'

November 25, 2000

As non-insightful and inaccurate as I found Robin Rauzi's review of "Rugrats in Paris" (did she really not sit back and enjoy all the satire and spoofs?), I am compelled to address her complete disregard for the wonderful cast ("Those Little Rugrats Are in Paris? Oui, Wee," Nov. 17).

Overlooked entirely, in list or mention, were Kath Soucie's delightful Phil, Lil and Betty Deville; Jack Riley and Melanie Chartoff as Stu and Didi Pickles, Tommy's parents; Tara Strong as Dil; and the introductory performance of Dionne Quan as Kimi, the newRugrat who becomes Chuckie's sister. Why not acknowledge Julia Kato's culturally nuanced role with more than "kind"? And how can Christine Cavanaugh's superb and richly textured performance as Chuckie, the heart of the movie, go unnoticed?

The actors give soul to their characters. Theirs are not just "voices" but very fine vocal performances that resonate with people of all ages.


Casting director, "Rugrats

in Paris," Los Angeles


What movie did Rauzi see? It couldn't have been the same one I saw with my niece. The "Rugrats" sequel is a far better movie than the first one, especially for adults who will no doubt see it many times.


Sherman Oaks

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