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Chargers Might Not Get a Better Chance to Win

November 26, 2000|ROBYN NORWOOD

Times NFL writer Robyn Norwood poses--and answers--the burning questions for this week's games:

1. Question: Will there be a Moon over San Diego?

Answer: The Chargers' quest for their first victory will hit another low if 44-year-old Warren Moon starts at quarterback for Kansas City in place of injured Elvis Grbac and beats the Chargers. But this could be their chance to break through.

2. Q: Will injuries keep Miami from winning the AFC East?

A: Jay Fiedler and Lamar Smith won't start today against Indianapolis, and it might cost the Dolphins dearly.

3. Q: Who would win the St. Louis-New Orleans game if Ricky Williams and Jeff Blake were healthy?

A: Give this one at the Trans World Dome to the Rams, but the Saints might have won in the season finale in the Superdome.

4. Q: Is the Brad Johnson-Jeff George saga over in Washington?

A: It's only just beginning, and it might make Rob Johnson- Doug Flutie look tame.

5. Q: Was that Troy Aikman's last Thanksgiving game?

A: Hard to say, but he sure seemed disgusted. Someone should sit him and Jerry Jones down together and tell them it's OK for it to end.

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