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November 28, 2000

Who has the greatest impact on your career as an athlete or coach and how?


La Habra, Basketball

Frank McCarroll, my basketball coach of three years, is one of the most amazing people I've ever encountered. He transformed me from a smart-alecky freshman to a junior who has the confidence and leadership capabilities necessary to become captain. He has taught me everything I know about basketball and other life lessons that I will continue to carry with me. I can't imagine myself playing ball for anybody other than Mr. McCarroll. He is my coach, my teacher, my mentor.


Kennedy, Basketball

My coach the past three years, David Jankowski, has let me find within myself the qualities that I need to succeed. He let me learn lessons on my own and learn from my mistakes, and helped me develop the mental attitude to work hard and succeed in life. We were 0-10 my sophomore year, and I hated his guts. After every practice, I left in tears. Every day I asked myself, "Why am I doing this?" Toward the end of last season, I knew the answer. Now I understand what it takes to win and keep going, and how to accept defeat. He has taught me pride in myself and instilled confidence, and I have the greatest respect for him.


Santa Ana, Water Polo

My mom, who was a swimmer, has had the biggest impact on me as an athlete. She's always supported me in everything I've done and she's always been there to take me to games, practice. She gives me support whenever I have needed it.


Huntington Beach, Volleyball Coach

My dad [Frank] inspired me to be a coach. He's a tough old guy, but he was fair. He coached me from first to eighth grade in football, basketball and baseball. And it didn't matter if you were in second or eighth grade, he expected you to do what he asked you to do. I learned from him about discipline, a winning attitude and doing what you do best and not worrying about the other team.

Note: Frank Ciarelli was an all-purpose player who helped Huntington Beach win a share of the Sunset League football title in 1946.


Kennedy, Golf Coach

David Hernandez. He was a humble but proud man. Proud of his ethnicity, his family, his friends and being able to coach. He never called attention to himself. I use the term "was" because Dave, or "Coach" as he was and still is referred to, passed away a couple of years ago. But Coach's legacy still is alive and well because I was not the only former athlete and friend that he touched. There are countless numbers of his former players that are successful coaches, teachers and businessmen because, you see, Coach not only taught the game of baseball, but the game of life.

Note: David Hernandez was a coach in the former Anaheim Parks and Recreation Dept.


Anaheim, Football Coach

As a high school head football coach your principal has the greatest impact. He or she may say they are behind athletics [but] they have to show it. Lip service is worth nothing.


La Quinta, Swimmer

[Gymnast] Dominique Moceanu has inspired me as an athlete a lot. I look at what she's gone through and how she became an athlete at 3 years old, and that just makes me strive for my goals. At times when I don't have the strength to do something or I think it's impossible to learn, I look at what she's done, and I know . . . I can as well.


Which school's home basketball facility is the toughest to play in and why?

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