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Off-Road Clinic Puts Emphasis on Safety

November 29, 2000|JOHN O'DELL

The people who churn out the statistical data we all love to quote say that most people who buy sport-utility vehicles with four-wheel-drive systems never take them off-road.

If you are one of those, turn the page.

But if you have a 4x4 and would like to tackle something more challenging than the Santa Ana Freeway at rush hour, this is for you--particularly if you are new at the game and don't quite understand what that "low range 4x4" button, switch or lever is for.

The California Assn. of Four Wheel Drive Clubs' next 4x4 safety clinic--a course designed to teach you how to use your SUV off-road in a safe and sane manner--will be held Dec. 16 at the Hungry Valley State Recreation Area, about 50 miles north of Los Angeles near Gorman.

The daylong class, taught by Harry Baker, the association's chief driving instructor, costs $65 per driver and is limited to 25 vehicles.

It includes a four-hour driving course and covers everything from safety and emergency equipment to carry--and how to use it--to "walking" your vehicle over boulders or fallen trees and what to do if your SUV stalls while you are trying to climb a slippery slope.

Baker says he has had drivers with everything from Subaru Outbacks to Hummers take the course, which he tailors to each driver's equipment and comfort level.

For more information and to make reservations, call Baker at (818) 705-3930.

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