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Shea, Christensen Say Thanks, 'Bye

November 30, 2000|Deniene Husted, (714) 520-2508

Mayor Christina L. Shea and Councilman Dave Christensen thanked friends and supporters Tuesday as they prepared to give up their seats to a newly elected mayor and council member next month.

It was the final meeting for the two. Shea declined to seek reelection; Councilman Larry Agran won the post unopposed. Christensen lost his bid for another term. Councilman Mike Ward and members-elect Beth Krom and Chris Mears will be sworn in Dec. 12.

Shea and Christensen received framed prints of their official council portraits, keys to the city and various other gifts from the community.

Choking up just once when she spoke of what she'd learned as mayor, Shea used humor to help maintain her composure. She recounted her feelings when she walked into City Hall a couple of weeks ago and saw that her portrait was gone.

"I thought, 'Boy, I'm not even out of here and already they've removed my photo from the wall,' " she said with a chuckle.

Her final request to the city took on a personal note: As an apartment dweller living on an upper floor, she asked Mears and Krom, who were in the audience, to take action requiring service elevators and trash shoots to be built on the third floors.

Mears nodded in approval.

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