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The Week Ahead on the Web

November 30, 2000


* Metal--Noon: Motley Crue--minus Tommy Lee, who co-founded the group in 1981--keeps playing on. This concert was recorded in that mecca of heavy metal, Salt Lake City, in July. It's free if you watch it via a dial-up modem, but broadband hookups are pay-per-view, costing $7.99.

* Bicycling--1 p.m.: One of the most heartening sports comeback stories is that of Lance Armstrong, who recovered from testicular cancer to twice win the Tour de France. He chats about his career and new autobiography.

* Wrestling--8 p.m.: It would be hard to take these guys seriously, except that one of them ended up as governor of a state. Single-named wrestler Goldberg--formerly with the Atlanta Falcons before an injury ended his pro football career--chats about his autobiography, "I'm Next."


* Bluegrass--10 a.m.: Ricky Skaggs previews his new album, "Big Mon," a tribute to the legendary Bill Monroe. The album features guest appearances by the Dixie Chicks, John Fogerty and others.

* Nostalgia--10:30 a.m.: The Brits re-create a bit of pure Americana--a pre-World War II show as done at New York's Radio City Music Hall. Music provided by the City of London Sinfonia Big Band.


* Tech--11 a.m.: The subject is modems, and for an hour, host Todd Ogasawara will answer your questions about them.


* Blues--9 p.m.: The Sunday Blues Live series presents a concert from Vancouver, British Columbia.


* Fitness--7 p.m.: Billed as the "world's fittest couple" (we must have missed that contest on Fox), Peter Reid and Lori Bowden are both past winners of the Ironman World Champion competition. They chat about triathlons and other endeavors.

* TV--8 p.m.: Actress Rebecca DeMornay talks about her role in the upcoming Lifetime cable movie "Range of Motion."


* Country--10 a.m.: He's only 12 years old, but Billy Gilman already has a best-selling album, "One Voice." He chats about his career.

* Travel--Noon: This is as close as most of us will get to Christmas in Venice (the one in Italy) this year. Travel writer Pamela Berry talks about the magical city at holiday time.

* Cooking--1 p.m.: Napa Valley chef and cookbook author Michael Chiarello talks about a range of dishes that can be included in antipastos, the first courses of Italian meals.

* Rave--4 p.m.: Documentary filmmaker Greg Harrison chats about "Groove," his new film about the Rave scene in San Francisco.

* Pop--6 p.m.: Boyz II Men has sold 34 million copies of their four albums worldwide. To promote their fifth, members of the group play cuts off the new CD and chat.


* Latin Music-- Noon: The band Cafe Tacuba, named after a small restaurant in the group's hometown in Mexico, performs a concert recorded this year in Los Angeles.

* Rock--4 p.m.: The band Lynyrd Skynyrd was at the height of its popularity in 1977 when an airplane crash killed three of its members, including leader Ronnie Van Zant. A decade later, two of the original members revived the group, adding to it singer Johnny Van Zant, Ronnie's younger brother. Members of the band talk about their newly released "Christmas Time Again" album. Go to and click on Chats & Events.


--Compiled by DAVID COLKER

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