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BB Shot Into Nader's Calif. Headquarters

October 01, 2000|From a Times Staff Writer

SACRAMENTO — In what police call a random act of vandalism, someone shot a BB through the street-front window of the campaign headquarters of Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader here Saturday.

The shot broke a hole nearly an inch wide in the plate glass window and passed within inches of where Nader volunteer David Shorey typically sits. Shorey was standing a few feet away in an office hallway when the shot was fired at about 12:40 p.m.

"If I had been sitting," said Shorey, "I would have been shot in the head."

Sacramento Police Lt. Mike Uyeda said two other nearby businesses with large windows--a Salvation Army store and a card club--were also struck by BBs shortly after a shot was fired at the Nader campaign headquarters on J Street near 10th Street downtown.

"We're satisfied that it wasn't a firearm," said Uyeda. "We feel it was a random attack, it wasn't singling out Mr. Nader's Sacramento office."

The Nader campaign office is one of seven in California. The candidate is expected to tour the state in late October.

Ross Mirkarimi, California spokesman for Nader, said there have been no reports of violent threats against Nader or his campaign workers recently.

"There are certainly a few people who have displayed their displeasure in writing," Mirkarimi said, "but as far as I'm concerned we're pushing all the right buttons."

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