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Purchasing Power

October 01, 2000

The average American worker needs to work only 12 minutes to earn enough to buy a McDonald's Big Mac hamburger. That compares with the global average of 36 minutes, according to a survey by Swiss investment bank UBS. Minutes of work required to buy one Big Mac*:

Nairobi, Kenya: 178 minutes

Bombay, India: 105

Manila: 75

Moscow: 74

Mexico City: 66

Rio de Janeiro: 45

Bangkok, Thailand: 43

Tel Aviv: 42

Buenos Aires: 29

Seoul: 25

Paris: 19

London: 18

Dublin, Ireland: 16

Sydney, Australia: 13

Los Angeles: 11

Hong Kong: 9

Tokyo: 9

* The price of the product divided by the weighted net hourly wage in 12 occupations

Source: "Prices and Earnings Around the Globe," UBS

Researched by NONA YATES / Los Angeles Times

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